Saturday, 28 February 2009

Moles, mowers and Little Ninjas!

This week has been quite busy, what with one thing and another, and I haven't had time to do a post a day - I'm sorry!

Mole attacks!

It started off this week, with more attacks from the mole - THIS time the little wotsit had tunnelled alongside of the humane trap I put in his tunnels!!

Down went two Talpex traps, nothing yet, but I have high hopes as I found the main run between the paddock and the back lawn.

We will see how that goes.

First time for everything!

This week I went out on my lil tractor mower thingy, and not only skimmed the grass and made it all uniform length, it also flattened all the molehills that were over there - after I had dug up the molehills of course! ;)

...but the thing that I wanted to mention, was that one of my ladies - I'm pretty sure she is one of the rescue hens, the one that took on Rhydian once. She has a large comb, quite dark pink/red, but she always follows me round.

Some of my ladies let me stroke them when Rhydian isn't looking, but don't usually do more than that.

Today was different - the aforementioned hen jumped up on my leg as I was sitting on the mower!!

It was really nice chatting to her gently and having her up on my leg - it was a brilliant moment - and a first for me!

Little Ninjas!

Kane has wanted to do martial arts for a long time now. We went to look at a class, about a year ago, called 'Little Ninjas' which is taught at our local leisure centre.

It teaches Soo Bahk Do that originated in Korea, and is a martial art that actually evolves rather than sticking to old forms and techniques.

Kane had remembered all the moves he saw on that one visit to watch a class a year ago so well - he jumped straight in the class and looked like he'd been doing it for ages!

I am SO proud of my boy - he did REALLY well!!

One of the tutors gave him a second hand belt for FREE! Kane also got a 'tag' of insulation tape on his belt.

How the tags work is that you get one tag after each lesson, and once you have eight tags you are then able to do a 'grading' or test in front of the tutors, if you pass you go to the next colour belt!

Oh it's all so exciting, and Kane loves it!

I even got offered a months free trial to see if I would like it - I used to do Wing Chun kung Fu quite some years ago, and want to take up something alongside my (starting soon) gym work.

Here's Kane showing us a 'high block'.


Goat Creek Grandma said...

Kane sure looks awfully intimidating there, ready to strike out. :)

I had a hen that would always come up to me. If I was in the yard and the roo was trying to force his attentions on her, she would come running and fly right up into my arms. I loved it!

Good luck with that pesky mole!


Don said...

You are going to get that mole and you will feel great, but alas, you will miss your nemesis and look for new tunnels, but he will be gone...

Kane strikes a great pose.

Are you planning a veg garden this year?

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

:0) Kane looks like you there.

lol @ the mole situation. Lets hope they don't breed too quickly.

Stiggy said...

Awww that's great Debbie - it certainly was one of my highlights!

Moley and I are as ONE now Don - I feel where he is - I SHALL get him - oh yes I shall get him!

Thanks Jo - one of the biggest compliments ever!


Jennifer said...

Mole attacks?!!! LOL! My very good farmer friend has a rat terrier that makes short work of them...don't have a clue how "humane" it is...sorry.

Your boy is adorable.

Stiggy said...

Hi Jennifer - by now I really don't care how humane anything is - it's me or him!

I've tried a lot of things so far - I'm running out of options really!