Thursday, 2 April 2009

At the farm

Jo and I took a short drive up the road to the local farm the other day, this farm has a 'Maize Maze' and lots of animals to look at and learn about, and a lot of local schools go there for a visit so the children can see animals they might not ordinarily see every day.

Just as you drive in there are a few bits of land that hold sheep, pigs and goats. The goats were soaking up the rays on a lovely and warm sunny day!

This one was fast asleep in the sun.

I tried to get some good shots of the sheep that were there but they kept running away or doing rude things!

This photo of one of the pigs doesn't do it justice as far as scale goes - it was MASSIVE!

** EDIT **

Just put the pig photo in it's rightful place - thanks Jo and Ads!


adam said...

I see no pig.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Round here Adam, we have posh pigs that wear white woollen coats don't you know...;0)

How can goats be comfy lying like that I wonder?

Stiggy said...

Ok guys thanks for the notice - the pig is duely there ready and waiting for you to see!


Don said...

Farms are nice to have around! When are you getting some sheep to cut down on your petrol (gasoline) bill?

It's nice to see you come out of your winter hibernation. I'm glad to hear you've been busy and not ill or anything nasty like that.

That is one big hog. It reminds me of a lot of my fellow countrypeople!

Stiggy said...

LOL! Don ou do say the funniest things!

Yes, well it's just one of those things, a lot of bloggers go 'AWOL' sometimes, hopefully I will be back now.


Nice to see you fella.

Allotment Lady said...

We too have a 'children's farm' near us. It's great - the chickens escape and run around - so to some of the other animals - they even have reindeer!

It's nice being a grown up with children or grandchildren - you get to go to all the places you ever wanted too and didn't get a chance - and pretend you are doing it to keep the little ones happy.

Great photos and nice to see that you have come out of hibernation now that Spring is here

Stiggy said...

Thanks Lottie!

Yes I think it's great how you can do stuff through kids - it's nice to have places like this local.