Saturday, 7 February 2009

New toy!

Today Jo received an interesting package in the post... was my Birthday present which Jo very kindly said I could have early!

It's a 55-200mm VR DX Nikon lens!!!

I was so happy to get this, I tried it out on various things, and soon discovered I loved it!

Here are a couple of my first photos to be taken with it!


Don said...

New toys are so special. Especially when you know how to use them!

I am amazed at the clarity of the top of the green feeder. It looks so sharp!

I think you are never going to come inside anymore.

Look out National Geographic...

Steve said...

Well done sir, amazing photos.

I too am new to Digital Photography (Canon EOS 450D) and I must say you've given me quiet a bit of inspiration.

I was showing my wife your blog and she noted how funny it was that my nickname is stiggy, I set up a Blog at the beginning of Jan to post my photos AND I’ve just had a new toy...yep a telephoto....and we were out walking in New Years day (great frost) and yes, I’m always dashing in an out with my camera.

Take care


Stiggy said...


Well very pleased to meet you Stiggy! (How weird does THAT sound!)

You're very kind about my photos, you see I too am New to digital photography - maybe we can learn together!?

I'm checking your blog as I write, and you seem to be further along the trail of photographer than I am... least we read the same magazines though!! (I've read that article on the flowers/black background etc!)

Nice to meet you matey! I've added yo to my blog list.


Audrey said...

the robin is a darling