Sunday, 18 April 2010

Quick Mole update 6-0

Another unfortunate mole was seen yesterday - or rather it's small mound of earth was, so I set a trap for it.

I say unfortunate, unfortunate for it - it was caught within 24 hours...

...another victory for the Stiggy household!

(Moles score points if I can't get them within the 24 hr period!)


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Summer day play.

Today was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining, the birds singing, a soft, fresh breeze blew over the garden, as the chickens ran free in the paddock.

Kane said he wanted to play outside this afternoon, after going down town this morning for some emergency rations, so he donned his shoes and went outside to explore. He's always a little funny about going out on his own - not like me when I was his age - any excuse to go dig a hole or make a trap for something, but Kane prefers company.

We started off playing soldiers in and around his secret camp I built him, then he decided he wanted to kick a ball about, so we went to the shed and got his football out - it was a little flat, but it didn't stop us having a good ol' kick about.

After he wore me out, I came in and sat at my desk while he continued to play outside - running around after his ball, and then playing on his little slide - going down backwards, sideways and upside down.

Unfortunately his shoe fell off, so I popped outside to put it back on for him, but not before I'd taken a quick shot of the view from my desk!

Monday, 5 April 2010

A day at the Seaside!

Last Thursday, Jo, Kane and I went to Brighton pier. We haven't been there for a while, so we grabbed some coats, jumped in the car and off we went.
  We parked along Madeira Drive, amongst it's fine arches, and walked along the pavement near to the beach towards the pier.

Brighton is a stunning city, but the most stunning of all is the history, and old buildings that lie mostly unseen from the main routes in Brighton. As seasides go, you really can't get better than Brighton!

Brighton's first pier - a chain pier was built in 1823, replaced by a grander pier in 1899, and by 1911 the concert hall had become an attraction in itself. In 1984 the pier was refurbished, and stands as the pier we see today.


Brighton also boasts the worlds oldest railway - the Volk's Railway opened in 1883! The railway even drove through the sea on a large stilted electric train!


We walked around the outside of the pier, taking in the fresh (read freezing!) air, before having a look inside one of the arcade buildings. Kane soon discovered a machine called 'Spider Stompin' which gave out lots of tickets that you can buy prizes with. He went on a couple of times and by the end of the day, he had 27 tickets! Enough to get a little polystyrene plane! (only 18,600 tickets for a Nintendo DS!!!)


Next we went on an 'Air hocky' game, which Kane and I love playing.

He came up the victor in that, and then we started getting peckish, so we went outside and started walking to find somewhere to eat.

Before we left the pier, I thought I'd try to get a photo of the amazing cloud formation over the coast and Brighton - it ended up being 3 that I turned into a panorama.

When we came off the pier, Jo pointed out a Harry Ramsden's so we went inside, and while Jo enjoyed a Cod, chips and mushy peas, Kane and I enjoyed a plateful of sausage and chips!

What a GREAT day out!

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Well, yes, I know, it's taken an awful long time to actually state the fact that I have finished the front room units...

...well what can I say - we've been very busy, with life throwing us a few wobblers and googlies, plus my usual laziness, I just haven't got round to blogging the details!

"WHAT!?"  You say?

"I don't believe you Stiggy, you're usually SO punctual with your posts!"

Well, what can I say....

The main thing is I've managed to take a photo!

Drum roll please............

Now we haven't finished loading it up with 'stuff' yet, but we have lots of interesting (and some not quite so interesting) books in boxes that we need to rediscover, and some lovely 'things' to put on the shelves, so it's a work in progress still, but at least now there's no construction or fiddling left to do!

...which is great! least in THIS room!