Monday, 16 February 2009

It's almost DONE!!

I have now combined both of my blogs into this one.

I have tagged all the posts from my other blog with D40 - clicking on this in the 'tag cloud' will show you all the posts, I thought I'd do this to save any confusion.

Hopefully this new and improved blog will entertain the photographers amongst my readers AND my chicken crowd!

I hope you enjoy your stay!




Anonymous said...

Secondly, your new blog is looking fantastic AND how lucky am I that I enjoy not only your chicken posts but your photography as well!

Hope you have had a great day

Karen x

Stiggy said...


I'm just glad it's still working Karen!!

I've tried to make it easier to find my proper photos (which will be marked with a D40 tag), I have a lot of them to put on here - I'm going to have to start putting time aside for just this!

Thanks Karen, I've had a great Birthday - lots of nice goodies!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Looks great ...good to see all the posts together :0)

Happy birthday, Hubby :0)

Don said...

happy birthday to you from your yank amigo.

your blog is looking good. I like what you did to the header photo. it looks like looking through an ancient window on an English rainy morning.

Stiggy said...

Why Thank you sir - I had a really nice Birthday!

Why thank you again dear sir - I'm still tweaking at the moment, but it's looking ok I think.