Sunday, 22 February 2009

Trimming time!

The other day we decided collectively that the hedges needed a trim, so out with my KM90 I went to smarten up the high hedges in the front.

I have to say here, that my love for power tools and engines really comes into it's own with jobs like this - I could quite happily work all day long doing anything that involved powertools or engines!!

Anyway - back to reality here - it was the first time that I've done the front heges, so I wasn't quite sure of the actual 'shape' of the things, so I went very carefully, and didn't scalp them too much.

Once the cutting had been done, Kane decided to want to help me pick the trimmings up, so after getting dressed for a cold day, we both ventured out, armed only with a fork, rake, wheelbarrow and tons of enthusiasm!

I obviously had to make sure he was doing the job properly, so I found myself in a supervisory role most of the time (below) - mainly as Kane refused to give me the rake! (see picture above)

Although Kane was really helpful I couldn't help feel sorry for the little chap when it came to using the tools and also moving the wheelbarrow, but he did a valiant job. We went to the shed to get his own wheelbarrow which is about 2 feet long and is much, MUCH lighter - also his trowel and hand fork.

Complete with his own gear, his enthusiasm was renewed, and off we went again - first raking into separate piles, then lifting the trimmings into our respective barrows.

Kane was a great help, and we had a lot of fun do 'extra' raking and clearing, as for some unexplained reason, the trimmings seemed to fly across at each other ...

...I have no idea how that happened at all!?!



Jo Capper-Sandon said...

He's a good little worker isnt he. Good job as they say in the States.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Kane looks to be a hard little worker. Do you loan him out??? *S*


Don said...

I agree with Jo, except it looks like you both did a good job.

What do you say for someone who is doing a good job at something?

Stiggy said...

Hmmm not sure Debbie - I'd have to come over with him to supervise you know! ;)

Thanks Don - much appreciated!

Errr - I think we just say 'well done' - i know in Kids TV programs from the states they say 'good job' a lot - apart from that no idea!


Babycakes said...

I know this is not strictly related tot his post but I had an "I saw this and thought of you" moment - apparently its about an amateur gardenenr who gets obsessed with removing a mole....

stiggyworld said...

Whenever i'm drooling over powertools i usually get 'that look' from my wife. All because i accidentally cut through the power cord whilst cutting the hedge last year and gave myself a jolt. Hair is still sticking up !!

I agree with Debbie, will Kane be on eBay soon??

Allotment Lady said...

What a little treasure. Little boys love 'helping' doing everything don't they - what I failed to understand was the fact that the novelty wore off once they get to teenagers - when friends, particularly of the female species arrive on the scene.

But Kane has a good few 'helping' years yet before he reaches that stage.

Love it now that you amalgamated both blogs - makes it easier to me to comment when I am in a rush.

Allotment Lady said...

I forgot to mention - and its a bit late now - but conifer hedges are best trimmed in the summer. July, August is a good time.

carole said...

What a lovely little boy . Trying get hold of chat for a chat . Sent her an email to hot mail .


Stiggy said...

BC - thanks for the link, I'm downloading it as I write! :)

Ouch Steve! Luckily I've never done that - probably why I prefer petrol engines rather than electric motors! ;)

Lottie - I shall make as much use of Kane as I can - although he's such a good boy - he'd do anything for his old Dad!

...oh nevermind! I'm sure (read hope) the hedges will survive!


Thanks Carole, he sure is! Which Carole are you by the way?


carole said...

Its Oatcake Carole lol


Stiggy said...

Carole - nice to see you!

Try posting on Jo's blog...