Sunday, 1 February 2009


I can't BELIEVE it!

It's back again - and this time with vengance and furious anger!

The mole has made not one, not two, but THREE mole hills!

I crept out there this morning with spade in hand, ready to bop the lil fella on the head when I saw one hill moving. Crouching not 3 foot away from the animated mole hill, I waited, like a hunter hunting it's prey - spade in hand!

Just as the zenith of mole hill eruption hit, I brought down the spade with all my might, but after having a look - the thing had run off - honestly - how the heck does it move so fast!?!?

I'm going to be out there this afternoon after our special Macdonalds takeaway, putting the next level of trap - the humane mole trap!


Don said...

I have seen those traps in action, and wonder if they work. Let us know all of the gory details!

Stiggy said...

Don - lol! These are humane traps - trap them live - but how long they'll stay that way is anyones guess! ;)

I will indeed keep an update on this campaign - I thought I had them on the back foot, but they seem to have let out their big guns last night and this morning!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Sounds like the mole has declared war! *laughing* Keep us updated on the battle.