Sunday, 1 February 2009

Photos from Kane's Birthday!

I forgot to put these on the other post about Kane's Birthday - so here they are!

Kane's Invite to his party!

Kane Skywalker!

Lio and Kane

Serious player!

Fun Stiggy!

Important business at Pizzahut!


And Kane's Nintendo DS cake!

Kane's Birthday card from us (made by little old me)


alcoholinky said...

fab photos Stiggy. looks like they had a great time. I remember the Lego days (it's all up in the loft now). I made a Metal Gear Solid 4 birthday card this year LOL.

Don said...

I would have flown over for that party!

The boys in my class would have gone ape over this party.

I wonder how old you have to be to put your legos away?

Ruth said...

Ah, I remember when we had these parties. Best one (NOT) was stacking Big Mac cartons at McDonald's.

Looks like fun!

Stiggy said...

Alcoholinky - Thanks! How things change eh?

Don - very kind - we did have a lot of fun though!! I think around the age of, oh, say... never?

Ruth - The pizzahut place had magazines for the kids to read and plenty of crayons to draw with - it was very cool!


adam said...

I think 'fun stiggy' needs to be your new profile pic! :)

Stiggy said...

Thanks Ads!