Saturday, 21 February 2009

Mole Update No.2

Well the mole hasn't shown much activity recently apart from 2 mole hills, but the little wotsit is digging furiously around our paddock and garden, 2" under the surface and creating a very unstable ground to walk on!

The other week I was trying to buy some 'Victor©' mole traps - a plunger with spikes on - but unfortunately, although they are one of the most effective mole traps in the world, the UK doesn't like them - so there you go, no dead moles!

I did however manage to find another type of trap, which I am trying out at the moment, called a Talpex trap.

I have set them and they've gone off, but no success at the moment - BUT I recently read that to set these babies properly, you have to literally JUST set the trigger - as fine as you can, and also lay them slightly on their side.

I put both these snippets of information to use yesterday, as I went on a flurry of trap setting!

First I managed to find 2 big runs, main runs, in which I set 2 Talpex traps - then I managed to find the main run going from the paddock, under the path, and into our back lawn. Here I placed a humane mole trap, with the hope that should it get scared by the Talpex's going off - it may run into that one instead!

Mole watch is certainly getting interesting - you start to get to know the 'ways' of the mole you're hunting - it really gets quite personal after a while!

Jo says to get a 'Moleman' in to get rid of our problem, but being a normal, typical man, I just HAVE to sort this out myself!



Goat Creek Grandma said...

Your getting serious now! lol We will anxiously await to hear if you catch the little bugger. Good luck!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol and if this fails then we shall be ordering a tank on Ebay no doubt lol

only joking....

Ebay don't sell'll be from Amazon UK lol

John Gray said...

my chickens pulled a mole out of the ground and ripped it to pieces!!!

touch girls in wales!!!

Don said...

Become one with the mole...

Now that our snow has melted a bit, I can see the mountainous mole hills in the neighborhood. I must have lousy soil as they are avoiding me right now. When there are moles, that usually means lots of grubs for them to eat. You need more chickens to eat all the grubs and worms!!

You can do this, focus.

Stiggy said...

Debbie - I AM getting serious! Although not QUITE as serious as my wife says (no Tanks on the agenda!).

I wish I had your Killer Chickens John!! Would save me a lot of time!

I already 'feel' the mole Don - I'm making progress, because I seem to know now which runs he's using - It's just a case of setting the trigger fine enough to catch the little guy!

I did have a comment on here from a mole catcher telling me to stop wasting my time and money and to get in a proper molecatcher - obviously he didn't actually read my posts - because he doesn't understand it's a matter of principle between me and the mole!!