Sunday, 1 February 2009

6 already!

Our son Kane was 6 yesterday.

I took him Bowlplex and then to Pizzahut with two of his friends, in Brighton Marina.

We took a while to get to the Marina, as the traffic was surprisingly bad on the way, but we made it with a couple of minutes to spare - unfortunately the others were a little late and didn't turn up til just before we were booked to start, but that was ok as the queue at Bowlplex was massive - so we would have had to wait anyway!

Soon as we had our shoes, we made our way to 'Lane 25' which was to be our lane for the evening.

After opening the presents that his friends brought him, we settled down to play a very serious game.

When the scores started to come in, and I had hit my first strike, I decided to make teams up, with me and Kane being 'Team K'.

Luckily we did quite well, and although not bothering the pro's, Kane racked up a very decent score of 96, while I managed to get the top score of 124 - making 'Team K' the winners!

Next to Pizzahut - again it was really busy, with the queue going out the door - but again, SuperDad strikes again, and we had booked a table in advance - one of the circular booths which we could see from the door.

My American friend somehow made his way past everyone to ask a waitress if that was indeed our table - which it was - so we all piled in and took our places.

The boys has an individual pizza, while me and my mate got stuck into a free pizza which had been made wrong but was free!

While Martin and I were tucking into our proper pizza (meat feast of course!) the boys were tucking into their icecream and sweets from the icecream 'base'.

All in all it was a great afternoon/evening, and everyone enjoyed themselves with out too many tears.

In the evening I helped Kane making his lego models, and we relaxed in front of the TV tired out from the earlier excitement.



Don said...

Happy Birthday Kane!

The party sounds like a grand time. Bowling with kids is funny, if they have a sense of humor. Otherwise, you have to hide your laughter.

What was happening in Brighton to bring all of the crowds out?

Anonymous said...

Kane - Happy Birthday to you!

Stiggy said...

Don - I think it was everyone's birthday - there was at least two other parties going on - we just shouted Kane's name out when the birthday song was sung to anyone else!


Thanks Karen, I shall pass the message on!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday. I'm sure Kane loved it.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

where are the great photos?

It's flown by hasn't it....hasn't it!

Stiggy said...

Thanks Debbie - he certainly did!

Good point Jo - i'll edit it later and put them on!


Babycakes said...

Bowling, pizza and lego....think you hijacked my perfect birthday!! Hope you all had a good time.

Stiggy said...

Cheers B.C - it was a great day - I should put Kanes invite on here too!