Monday, 27 October 2008

Morning glory

Here are some photos of views from our new home.

A view looking south.

A view looking East towards a local landmark - Mount Caburn in portrait and a couple in landscape - it's amazing how different the same shot can be.

I ALMOST took my Nikon off Auto for the landscape shot - I'm going to be brave and take the plunge into manual mode soon!



Ruth said...

You have some amazing views there, wow. Glad you got to move in.

I keep threatening to move to manual mode, really got serious about it. Then I stopped my photoblog last week. Am I saying I don't want to get that serious? Hmm. Good luck to you on it though.

Glad to see you back!

thegardensmallholder said...

Gorgeous gorgeous views and photos! Hope all went well with the move x


Stiggy said...

Cheers Ruth - you stopped your photo blog!?!? Why? It was great!

Thanks Karen!


Ruth said...

I stopped flying because I was losing energy for it. I still love taking pictures, but posting and then commenting all around - just on photos, after a couple years I wasn't feeling the love.

I'll start back up if the spirit moves. But meanwhile, I am enjoying my regular blog.

Don said...

What views you have! How do you ever leave and go off to work?

Nicely done. We're all looking forward to see your place as it progresses.

Stiggy said...

Thanks Don!

We've got to move somemore stuff from our old place to here this week.

I'm sure once we've settled in with all our belongings that we'll have more time for posting.


Berthddu Suit said...

These shots are magical! Where is your lovely new home Stig?

Stiggy said...

We live just outside of Lewes/Brighton in Sussex - lovely place it is - nice and quiet!