Sunday, 26 October 2008

Our new place!


...we have been SO busy the last few weeks it's been like working 24 hours a day (or feels like it anyway!).

Over the last week though, we've been moving a lot of our 'stuff' over to the new place - which now is our home!

Last week I rented a Luton van with a tail lift, so I was able to move all the big appliances, like the washing machine, dryer and American fridge freezer easier than in our normal van. All went smoothly until it came to the big fridge/freezer - which went up the ramp i made ok, but didn't like going through any of the doors in the house. This resulted in taking off the door to the house, getting it through into a small lobby - then having to take the doors of the appliance - which was an absolute nightmare! But safe to say - I managed it!!

We spent our first night in our new home without Sky tv, only DVD's and it took a further 4 visits from Sky - all failures - until we decided to go with a NON-Sky tv person to fit our Sky dish. They even got to our place in around an hour which was amazing considering Sky did their usual " can't make it this week" line.

I spent the first morning trimming the doors to the boys bedrooms so they would close over the new carpet, and putting up 3 curtain rails for their bedrooms.

Both boys came home the next day after sleeping over at school and Grandmas, and at last it was definately HOME!

The only problem we've been experiencing has been our Broadband connection, but that seems to have been sorted now I've changed the router back to our old one.

What we are very pleased about is the fact that EVERYTHING is set up for us - it means Zak has access to the entire house (apart from upstairs, in which case I would lift him should he want to go up there). The paved area out back is just great, and Zak has already said he looks forward to driving his chair around their like a bat out of hell! Kane can also ride his bike on it.

This photo shows the back of our home, with the patio, and Kanes room he'll move into in a couple of weeks being the nearest upstairs window to the camera.

The other thing of course which makes things better - for the ladies at least - is that we can let them out every day - although at the moment the weather is so horrible they are staying under their mini extension or staying in their own coops.


Don said...

How good are you feeling right now?!

It must be such a relief to be able to start moving things in and around to make the new place truly HOME!

I'm looking forward to all of your new adventures as you settle in and actually get to stay now.

Stiggy said...

Cheers Don! Yep, it's a fantastic place alright!

We're having problems with getting online at the moment though, I'm phoning up our ISP on Monday to try to sort it out.


...there are so many things to do - we've only moved in what we actually needed to survive - so everything else is at our old house.


Anonymous said...

Wow it looks amazing! Lots of new and exciting projects coming up I bet, take care and enjoy !


Stiggy said...

Too many projects to mention actually Karen! LOL!

Honestly, I have a list as long as my leg that I'd like to do - whether I get round to doing them all in my lifetime is another story!