Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My first photo

I was so excited to get my new camera I ran outside to have a go at some macro photography...

This was my first ever attempt at it, and I was really pleased.

I couldn't believe the detail I was able to pick up!


thegardensmallholder said...

You have a natural eye for photography and composition, I can see that from your photos already.

I only picked up a DSLR at the beggining of this year! Stiggy if your serious about learning which I think you are, join up for free at

I am a member, and have learned heaps since joining, if you ask for constructive critique there is always someone to offer it. You get an online portfolio on the site.

I look forward to following this blog - as well as your other one of course ;) and seeing you progress.

Oh, and I wont hold it against you that your a Nikon user LOL !! ;O


Stiggy said...


Thanks for the info there!