Sunday, 26 October 2008

Lasting memories

I thought I'd show a few photos that I've taken recently which make me smile, or wonder.

The first is a photo of Kane I took in our Paddock. I love taking photos of the boys as they are both so cheeky!

The second photo is of a view from one of the top rooms first thing in the morning. It shows the mist rolling over the valley, and the local hill to us called Mount Caburn.

Here is another view from our garden first thing in the morning... just makes us all feel so good in the morning.

Compared to our old view of fences 15' from our windows, this truely feels like our own slice of heaven!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Love these pictures. They've captured the moments so well.

alcoholinky said...

great pics Stiggy. that early morning one looks like something from the Battle of Evermore.(or at least how I might imagine it LOL)

Stiggy said...

Cheers ladies!

I'm almost ready to get off the fully automatic Stiggy mode soon too!

The view is certainly amazing - Jo wakes me up to tell me to take photos of the morning landscape on an almost daily basis!


Anonymous said...

Great cheeky smile Kane ! Gorgeous views, may I wish you all the very best for your new home x


Stiggy said...

Awww cheers Karen!

It really is amazing seeing these views every morning!


Don said...

Is this heaven? yes, and it is also known as The Allotment.

beautiful photos show your beautiful place.

What kinds of traditonal move-into-new homes-English "blessings" do folks in your parts do?

Stiggy said...

Thanks Don, I'll get some more up for you soon as I get a chance.

Well, we have a moving in party usually (not this time though) which is a sort of tradition, but I don't know anything else people do...

...what do you do in the states when you get a new home?

Berthddu Suit said...

Lovely pics Stig. I feel very much the same about my house and its suroundings. Sure beats waking up surrounded by council houses, fumes and police cars as I used to.

Connie said...

what a lovely home you have Stiggy. I didn't realize you didn't live there yet! Congratulations on finally moving in - your photos are beautiful - what a gorgeous view you have in the morning!

Stiggy said...

Thanks all, we really are pleased with everything here - there are small things that need tweaking, but it's great!

We just need to move the rest of the stuff from our old house now!