Thursday, 20 November 2008

Winter time again.

Well it certainly feels like Winter here - the air is fresh every morning, carrying on throughout the day, but one thing I've noticed is that our ladies have started to moult.

I didn't really know about chickens moulting - especially in Winter!

I mean, what's the point of losing all your feathers when it gets cold!?

Shouldn't it be more reasonable to expect them to lose their feathers when it's nice and warm?

Well anyway, I find it all rather strange - PLUS the fact that they all stopped laying at the same time - weird huh!?

Jo thinks it's because of the very bad storm we had here a week or so ago - it could have been the fireworks scaring them...

...I have another possible reason - they're all lazy wotsits!!

Parading around like they own the place - eating and drinking for all their worth - I mean, it's like they live the high life and have now decided to stop doing the one job they are MEANT to do!

It's not as though they have a pressing schedule or anything - in fact - because it's been sunny and rather warmish weather for the few hours around lunchtime and to mid afternoon, they've even been having excursions out in the paddock - so I have no idea what is going wrong.

I'm going to try and sneak up and get a photo of the moulting ladies - although they won't be too happy showing their 'undergarments' for the world to see I bet!



Don said...

Hey! Welcome back!

I understand they moult at around 2 years old. I've heard that they need a little extra protein and some folks throw in some dry cat food for new feather development. Mine are still babies, so I have a while for that experience.

Take lots of photos! Silkies without feathers, now that would be a sight. Don't they have black skin?

Stiggy said...

Hey Don!

Yeah we've been so busy, time has honestly just slipped by!

I give them a pink additive in their water which gives them lots of lovely vitamins and things, and although they eat layers pellets as their main diet, I also furnish them with corn, apples and bread whenever I can.

I gave them some really nice wholemeal brown bread the other day and they went mad for it!

LOL @ bald silkies!

I'll take the camera out today and grab a photo or two when I let them out - the silkies seem to be retaining their feathers - just one or two of the others that have lost a few here and there.

Stiggy said...

Oh and yes they do have black skin!


Ruth said...

I'm glad you came back, Stiggy, but I'm disappointed at your tone. I mean, we poor women have enough to do, and what we do tends to be invisible to men. For one thing we have to preen and look good for the men. Then there's planning the menus for the upcoming holidays. And all the shopping lists for gift buying. In fact my hair's falling out and I've stopped laying too! What we go through!

Stiggy said...


Ruth you are funny!

Well thanks guys for welcoming me back although I DO seem to keep going off and doing other things - life is a strange thing sometimes!


Anonymous said...

Hey welcome back Stiggy! Now then, your ladies will start to moult at this time of year, mine are too and I agree its very odd seeing baldy bums staring back at you.

Mine are still laying BUT not as much as they were, I put it down to the lack of daylight hours, and most probably the moulting process.

I would like my girls to take a rest seeing as they are ex batts, but they will insist on laying here and there bless em.

Carole said...

Hi Dave
Tried getting in touch via msn but no answer . Is every thing ok ?
Just wanted your new addy so i could send xmas card . Wishing you a lovely christmas and a great New Year .
Love and hugs