Friday, 3 October 2008

Kane, cards and insects

Here is a photo of Kane taken at my mums. He was leaning against a wall so I couldn't take his photo, but I managed to swing it under him and take a snap.

The card was made for my friend Dr Michael Bull, funnily enough, the worlds leading expert in IPods and mobile media! It was his Birthday, and Jo and I created this funny card - can you work out what it is? I treated him to a pint and a fairy cake with a little candle in it too.

The photo of the Bee was great - I was taking some other test photos when I saw him (or her) flying onto these yellow flowers/weeds, and I thought what a cool shot it would make if I could get the camera on macro and take a shot. Luckily, it came out very well, and I must admit it's one of my nature photos I'm most proud of so far - I just love the detail!


Ruth said...

Wow wow wow. I'm in awe. The blog is great, and that last photo is spectacular. Bye, Stiggy, you left me in the dust!!

Stiggy said...

Nah - I was just lucky, but I appreciate the nice comment!

I just want to be able to take proper photos, you know using the camera properly, at the moment I'm just pointing and shooting - it's amazingly cool though to be able to share these.


Don said...

Bravo! You have a great eye and a steady hand. it must be fun to have such nice pics right off the bat. (do you say that too? maybe it's from cricket and we think it's from baseball).

Stiggy said...

Thanks Don - yes we say that as well. :D

Obviously I'm not showing the ones that look like a blurred mess - EVER! But I'm pleased with these Don.

Very nice of you to drop by though - I feel like I've been neglecting the chickeny (?) side of things lately, but the house is almost finished now and we have loads of things to do!

Berthddu Suit said...

Yay an 'Eye Pod', brilliant! Great new blod Stigg. One day I too will have a proper camera!

Don said...

Hey we're waiting for a photo collage of the homestead! No pressure of course, but curious fans are, well, curious!!