Saturday, 7 June 2008

Summer has arrived.

The weather today was pretty good - not great, but it was nice, dry, warm and not too humid.

Rydian took his ladies to the hedgeside to dust themselves thoroughly and soak up some rays - he certainly had a lot to crow about today, surrounded by 8 ladies and fully in control as I was elsewhere.

The funny thing was, after I finished mowing the paddock yesterday, I decided to take some photos... shot I didn't take was of one of the hens walking up to the others right in front of me, turning her back on me about 3' from my face, and doing a poo...


Suddenly I realised that perhaps lying in the grass next to a load of chickens probably wasn't the best idea I could have thought of!

(EDIT: changed spelling of Rydian to proper spelling of Rhydian)


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

What you need is a sun umbrella, a picnic rug, and a big hedge to hide behind.... then no one can hear you snoring, especially when they're busy mowing the lawn with a big tractor mower :0)

great pics :0)

Don said...

This post reminded me of the Friends of Distinction song, "Grazin in the Grass." Can you dig it Baby?

I think I would be worried about rolling is some pile of something recycled.

Your flock looks so happy! What kind of chick is Rydian and how did he get his name?

Stiggy said...

Cheers Don, I've just realised that I've been spelling his name wrong - it should be RHYDIAN - DOH!!

Rhydian is a Silky cockrel, and he got his name from someone offf the 'X Factor' uk. I'll stick his picture on here so you can compare.

Patti G. said...

Dave, I got your link from enjoy the photos! Ohhhhhhh your new home is coming along and all looks so heavenly!
I am sorry about Hatty though! :(
She looked like a sweet bird!
Your land and flowers are magnifecent........and needless to say, I think the world of that must mean that you are a pretty swell guy too! :) And quite the herder too! Hehehe, goooooood going!!!!!

Stiggy said...

Thanks Patti!

We ARE very proud of what we've done, and what we're doing at the new place, and of our family.

Keep an eye on this blog to see how everything goes in our village home!