Monday, 16 June 2008

Building update

I thought I'd write an update on here today, but the only thing is, the pictures are a few days old...

...not a problem you say, but with the current speed of the builders, it could already be finished! (we wish!)

So without further ado, here we go - scream if you wanna go faster!
The first picture is the front, with the porch to be tiled. The ramp for Zak's chair will be going from the porch along the wall to the right as we look at it - with a 'landing' area for Zak from the lift on our van, which will be a nice flat area.

This is the lounge, the photo taken from one of the patio doors at the back of the house.

Already you can see the way the open plan is going to work. The front door leading into a fair sized hall, the stairs will go on the wall next to the kitchen wall, near to the small window by the front door, with the kitchen area on the right of the photo (the sink will be going in front of the window). The kitchen stops at the short piece of wall jutting out - so it's basically a square shape.

The lounge is going to be our family room, with no computers apart from a Nintendo Wii - which the whole family can join in with - basically it's our chilling out room.

This view shows the 2 large dormers upstairs, and Zak's lounge which is the furthest patio door opening on the left. There has been quite a bit of building work with approx 7' being added to the back of the property along the whole length.

This view shows the dormers in better detail, with Kane's bedroom being the nearest window to us, and the spare bedroom/playroom being furthest away.

I must say that although I have known a lot of builders etc, our builders are the fastest, most professional, most helpful, polite (and cleanest! they sweep out the property every night!) I have ever had the pleasure to work with (or for us rather!).


flossie said...

Where is the guest room ?

Stiggy said...


The guest room Carol is called the paddock...

...we'll ask the chickens to leave a little bit of room for you.


flossie said...

Well thanx Dave i'l feel at home with the chickens i'm such a sweet chick lol

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol @ Carole lol...
I can't believe the pace its going at. Brilliant building team.

alcoholinky said...

my god, it's really going up fast isn't it - and it's V A S T! lol
will be fab when it's done. keep the pictures coming Dave. it's really intersting to see.

Don said...

This construction project looks like it is going well. Your place looks like it's going to be huge! I think you are going to like all the space. Will there be a little chicken door so they can come in and chill with the fam?

Stiggy said...

LOL! No, I think they'd get told off for not taking their muddy boots off and walking on the carpet Don! ;)

I AM going to remake their run and coops though, and they already have a miniextension to their coop - their dustbath annexe. :D

I'll make sure they get SOMETHING though - but they'll have to wait until we move in.

Carrie said...

Looks good Dave & Jo. I cant belive how fast its coming on. I cant comment on the post below as I nearly had a seizure looking at what was in Kane's hand - cant even type the work - eeeeuuuww - mind you, it was KIND of you to put it back safely squash squish

Stiggy said...

Thanks Carrie, yes it certainly is coming along nicely!

Awww - you don't like slow worms?

I have a photo of me and Zak holding a big snake if you want me to post that!?