Saturday, 21 June 2008

MMMMMM! Apples!

Just a quick post to show my ladies eating out as they do frequently.

Today's menu comprised of layers pellets and apples, gently laid in random places through out the run, and the whole meal was free!

I must admit, it's not my idea of a fancy night out, but for my ladies - well, they just love it!

Letting them eat apples makes a major difference in the taste of the eggs as well!



Don said...

Such a host! Can you really tell the difference agter your hens have eaten apples? I have heard that onions and garlic give eggs an offish flavor. I have a dozen apple trees, so the girls will get lots of apples!

Stiggy said...

We think so Don - maybe it's our imagination, but we feed the ladies apples whenever we have some spare - the next post will show some of our crops/tree.

We have a large apple tree with LOADS of apples on - when we bought the place, there were two or three trays of apples left from the previous years crop - and that was in February!


Little Veg Patch said...

Ah im so jealous! I would love an apple tree or two in the garden. After reading this post I rushed out and gave our ladies some apple. They looked at me in disgust, stamped their feet and demanded their usual sweetcorn. How ungrateful!

Stiggy said...


I imagine it's what they know best - the previous owners told us to feed them apples as they liked it - not to everychickens taste I spose!

Leave it in their run overnight and see what happens.