Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Mucking out day!

Never let it be said that I don't know how to enjoy myself!

I had a wash, put my best green clothes on, and my bestest boots and jolly well went out the house and down to the new place....

.. today was the day, oh yes, today was the day...

...that the chickens had to be mucked out!


With my trusty shovel in hand, and the wind blowing sweetly over my bald head, I made my way over to the chicken run.

Luckily only one run had to be mucked out today, but that WAS the biggest run. At 6M x 6M and at parts 4-6" deep, the combination of straw, mud and poo had to be transported to our compost area.

It was harder than I though, mostly because all the straw had matted together, and with the mud and poo, had formed a weird sort of concrete crust, with really horrible mush underneath.

Lucky for the chickens they were allowed out in the paddock, so they didn't have to witness the horror that I experienced.

Although I worked hard and moved about 15-20 full wheelbarrow loads, there was still a bit left to do, which I shall do tomorrow, but at least the 'ladies' had a clear area to run about on.

Hopefully the air will dry out the muddy layer over the next few days and get the run back to what it was, but it'll take some time.

Here is Kane pointing to the transported muck!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Who needs a day at Alton Towers lol...never let it be said we spoil our kids rofl
Its going to be great when its all done...and think of how big the veg is going to grow with all that on top!

joanne wardle said...


and kane has a great future as a magician's assistant!

Stiggy said...

Hey - Kane was proud to point at the poo....

...PROUD I say!!


Thanks Joanne, yes he looks excited to be there doesn't he!?


Country Girl said...

There is no fun in that. Thankfully our outdoor pens are portable so we move them every couple days and they have fresh greens and bedding and no clean up. ~Kim

Stiggy said...

I wish ours were Kim!

I'm going to use some old flagstones to cover the chicken run, it won't do them any harm as they go freerange during the day, and it'll be a lot esier to clean out too!