Sunday, 22 June 2008

My new toy

People who have been reading this blog for a while will know that I am a great fan of the power tool.

Power tools bring so much enjoyment and relief at being able to do tasks simply and properly.

For example, recently I bought a hedge trimming attachment (135 deg adjustment for those powertool geeks) for my Stihl KM90 combi engine. I already have a rotorvator attachment for it, which is incredibly useful in the veg plot.

I first tried this mean machine in our back garden - because we've been taking care of the new place almost everyday, our home we live in has been left to overgrow a bit. The grass was up to my waste and the weeds were over 5' tall!

I thought I'd test my new cutter on the garden, and low and behold, it was like a hot knife through butter - it literally took minutes to do almost the whole lawn (which normally took me 1.5 hours to do with the small electric mower we have).

After that successful trial, I took the trimmer down the new place and did a little practice on one of the hedges.

WOOHOO! I thought as I gently stroked the hedge with the cutter end - it was so easy!

With my new harness all of the weight of the engine section was supported, and with how the strapping was routed meant that I could hardly feel I was carrying anything at all!

Instead of dreading trimming the hedges with a hand tool, I can now look forward to hours of fun with my trimmer ...

..*COUGH!* I mean I can look forward to working hard shaping the hedges to a better form!



Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol at your coughing lol...

its a hard life testing out all these power tools lol

Don said...

Now that's a man with a power tool wearing protective gear! That's how to do it. OK, I will wear mine now and think about you and your power tool collection.

What is your favorite power tool? I think mine is the chop saw. It makes so many things easy to do.

alcoholinky said...

great read as usual! keep em coming!

Stiggy said...

Cheers Carol - will do!

Don - i just wrote this enormous reply about power tools but it went somewhere into the Aether!

I can't comment on the chainsaw YET as I haven't got one, but I'm sure it'll be good when I do get one...

...does the tractor count?

Personally, I love any tool that has a motor. Did you ever watch 'Home Improvement' with Tim Allen? Now HE is pretty much how I am - I wish I could make a telly program about power tools - it would be ACE!


Little Veg Patch said...

Watch out you dont get too carried away, you will end up with twigs hee hee

Stiggy said...

Yes, I had to make sure I only 'tickled' the hedge with the blade.... would be soooo easy to get carried away!


Greta said...

Stiggy -

My hubby and you have a lot in common - tools, for want of a better expression. Chris loves his gadgets and tools.

We'll have to arrange you a holiday in South Yorkshire - we can always find you lots to do here!!

Good luck and watch your fingers, now!

Stiggy said...

Thanks, and thanks!

Yes there are few of us tool geeks around - we could talk about engines and power ratios and cutting speed etc!


flossie said...

I do hope you are ok and not cut thro any elec wires since having your new toy lol....... as you have not updated your story for a week ...

Stiggy said...

Nope - I haven't used it since.

We've been really busy Flossie - sometimes the blog has to take second place.


Connie said...

well gee Stiggy - this looks like something lance and I could use on our plot of earth - i get to do the hedges...and this looks so powerful! Is it gas or electric? i hope it is available in the US!

Stiggy said...

Hey there Connie! Thanks for taking the time out to visit - I hope all is well over there!

I would think it's available...'s what's called a Stihl Combi-engine, which you can buy different attachments for - or you can buy the one unit as a separate hedge trimmer.