Friday, 13 June 2008

The snake charmer!

..well not exactly a snake, but a slow worm.

Interesting fact for today:

Slow worms are a protected species, found in Eurasia (Europe and Asia), and is in fact a member of the lizard family, rather than the snake family!

I found this one while moving an old garden parasol, and showed it to Kane who thought it was absolutely "cute" and although he thought it was a snake, showed no fear at all or hesitation in holding it!

After Kane had these photos taken (taken by Jo) we put it gently back where we found it, and made sure it was safe.


flossie said...

Kane looks so cute . What a lovely little boy . I just love reading your blog .

Stiggy said...

Thank you, he is indeed!

You're very kind Flossie.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

No way would I have held the Slow worm...I was really suprised Kane was so eager. Great post.

Don said...

We have a few of those critters in our local zoo. Nice family time handling wild creatures with care! I wonder what your chickens would have done with it?

Stiggy said...

One WORD Don....


(not me saying that obviously! lol!)

We have a little Zoo near us ...

Does yours have a webby too Don?

alcoholinky said...

love slow worms. we used to keep them we I was a kid.

Don said...

Mine are a little tentative with wildlife. I've been showing them how to score bugs by scratching around a little. The Cochins are the fastest learners, along with the Hamburgs.

Your zoo looks like a great place to visit, explore, learn and just have fun! Ours is a nice, cozy little zoo. I think our zoo can learn a lot from yours!

Our zoo does have a webby:

Stiggy said...

Where did you you keep them Alchoholinky - in an old fish tank or something?

Don - your zoo is a proper zoo with big cats and cool stuff - ours is more a kids zoo, but it's quite nice to go to.