Sunday, 6 April 2008

Winter wonderland!

Well, slap me with a fish and call me Shirley! The snow that came today was about as expected as the Spanish Inquisition! (Jo said she knew it was coming, but no surprise there!)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I was was told to look out the window this morning.

"Ah it'll only be a light dusting" I said to myself, as I stared at the falling specks of snow, falling to the ground and melting.

How wrong could I be!?!?

Well, the answer is VERY wrong!

I kept looking out at the slowly engulfing snow blanket, and eventually I plucked up the courage to go down the new house and sort the chickens out - taking with me our 5 year old Kane, so he could play a bit in the snow.

We both wrapped up as warm as we possibly could, and set off in the van down the road. Obviously I only went about 20 miles an hour - the snowfall had turned into a mini blizzard - and there was a good 4 inches of snow on everything.

We got to our destination and I quickly took a couple of photos of the unspoilt ground before letting Kane loose on the unsuspecting snow.

We walked around the place, taking as many photos as possible, and then went to check the chickens to see if they were ok and to collect the eggs.

When we saw the chicken run we were amazed to see all the chicken wire filled with snow - it looked like someone had draped white sheets all over it, and I wondered just how happy my little friends were. Luckily, they were mostly all huddled under my mini extension I'd built as a dust bath, and all clucked excitedly when they heard us.

Kane and I made sure they had enough feed, and the water was clean and clear from ice, then started on our way back to the van.

We stopped to take a few more photos - one of a fir tree covered in snow, and one of the snow that had fallen in 15 minutes on my hat, then we decided enough was enough (or I did anyway!) and off we went - Kane all the time throwing snowballs at my behind!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

rofl... shhhhhhh Kaz roflrofl

I still can't believe that huuuuge fir tree is in our garden lol...

Poor ol'd chickens. Lucky they had the extension you built for them.

Karin said...

Great pictures of unblemished snow. The tree looks fantastic :o)