Thursday, 17 April 2008


Recently our Silkies have been getting very fluffy. I think it has something to do with the nice weather, due to the fact they aren't being pelted with rain every hour of the day!

Today I took a couple of photos with my phone - so sorry about the quality.

One of the Silkies is growing feathers down her legs and on her feet, I'm not sure if this is normal, or we have a mutant Silkie on our hands - either way she looks great!


Don said...

I think the Silkies are my favorite breed and out of my 44 chicks, I have none!! I ordered some from my local farm store, but they sold them to someone else. I think I will relax a little with the ones I have. Yours look beautiful. What is up with the foot feathers? Maybe you should hatch some of her eggs?

Don said...

I was looking at photos of White Silkies and they do indeed have feathered feet. Check out the photos at this site.

Stiggy said...

Ahhh cheers Don!

I wish I'd taken my camera with me - i'm over the moon with the photo of the Silkie hen - she is a natural to photography....

...what a striking pose!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Stiggy- your silkies are gorgeous! How old are they? Mine are 4 weeks old now, and they have so many feathers on their feet you can't even see their toes. (Makes things very messy. Ugh.)
Thanks for stopping by my place... it's nice to meet new people. I'm really enjoying my visit here!

Stiggy said...

Thanks for the compliments Paula!

I don't know how old any of the chickens are actually - we inherited them when we bought the place...I spose I should have asked really, but we were so amazed at actually OWNING some chickens, I think all the proper questions went out our head in excitement!