Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Builders cometh!

It had to happen sometime - the tranquility of working alone at our new place was too good to last!

NEWSFLASH.. what was known as 'the shed' shall now be called 'the workshop' from now on, as this is a far better term for what it represents and IS!

Sorry, had to get that out the way!

Anyway, our builders started Monday at 7:30am, which is great considering we aren't there at the moment.

We are adding about 6-7' onto the back of the bungalow, and having a loft conversion done too. This will enable Zak to have pretty much his own flat! (Actually it's his own annexe, with his own lounge, bedroom and bathroom - all kitted out for his needs - including a hoist and special equipment that he needs/wants.

Here is the view 2 days into the job.

And a view of the trench.

There are other shots, but I don't wish to bore anyone.

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