Saturday, 5 April 2008

My friends.

Well, I know what the blog is called, so maybe it's time to show them.

One of the things I love about our chickens, is that they are quite tame, and follow me around all over the place. Usually when I'm holding or giving them food is the best time to get a complete compliment of followers, but when I've been working on putting the fence up, they mill around me, and generally hang out with me.

I was taking the chickens back to their coop/house - whatever you want to call it, and Jo decided to film the procession.

I don't have to be holding food though - I also whistle to get them to come to me, or failing that I just shout at them very loudly!


Carrie said...

Brilliant clip - have watched it twice lol

Audrey said...

every mans dream hey?


alcoholinky said...

as you said - the harem!!

Karin said...

LOL I did wonder too if the last one was Rhydian. Great clip loved watching that.

Stiggy said...

Yep - the last one was Rydian - he doesn't like me too much any more due to the fact I scared him after he attacked Kane.
He had a GOOD telling off I can tell you!