Sunday, 20 April 2008


We're hoping that the builders will start this coming Wednesday, so there are a few jobs I have to rush to get done!

One of the jobs is taking everything out of the house that I can use like old doors, cupboards, units or shelves...anything that MAY be useful at some point in the future.

But before I start ripping things out of the new house, I have to make sure that at least half the shed is dry and good to put things in. Today I made a start, and reinforced the frame and overboarded the floor with 3/4" OSB and the wall with 1/2" OSB. I hope to finish the entire shed like this, and may remake the roof some day too.

The best thing about this morning was using my brand new circular saw - it cuts through boards like a hot knife through butter! (I know it's sad, but I just LOVE power tools! - think Tim Taylor from 'Home Improvement'! ARRF ARRF!)

I also want to put another shed below the current shed - for my mower, and also for my motorbikes and sidecar.

Me about 25 on my Honda CB750 chop

My combo unit - the sidecar will be adapted for Zak our oldest son to go in.


Don said...

Speaking of Steve McQueen. Biker Dude Stiggy! Have fun with your projects. I always love having an excuse to get a new power tool. The best addition lately is a sawsall. I can dismatle our whole house with this tool!

Stiggy said...

He he he! Cheers mate!

My Dad has one of those things - they come in VERY handy - especially for tight spaces or other places where movement is an issue.

I'm buying a router as my next tool - I can't wait to start making stuff, but not sure about the access to my shed with all the builders starting hopefully Wed.

Angel said...

Zak will have great fun in that :)

I know a guy up here that had an accident on his bike, lost his arm and his leg. He still rides his bikes , customised for his disability, and has a sidecar for his dog who goes everywhere with him. V Handy things :)