Friday, 10 April 2009

Not so little Ninja!

Kane has been going to little ninjas for just over a month, and last session he picked up his brand new uniform for it!

Little Ninjas is actually a Korean martial art called Soo Bahk Do, and is taught in our local area by the Scriven family. You can find more information by following their link.

Soo Bahk Do was originally called 'Tang Soo Do', but reverted to it's original native name back in the 80's.

When the children go to Little Ninjas, they do a lot of exercise and practice games with their basic moves, which is a really good way of getting them to perfect each move. So for example, they run around the hall around 4 instructors who are all holding pads to hit, and the kids have to hit the pads with either a palm strike, a punch, a chop or a jump.

Kane loves doing these and you really can see the concentration on his face - it's a joy to behold, especially as some of the kids there are probably made to go by their parents - in fact one parent asked if I was taking Kane to Little Ninjas for the discipline aspect of martial arts, I just laughed because we have no problems at ALL with Kane in that respect, and asked Kane why he wanted to go to L.N, to which he replied;

"I want to learn how to kick butt!"

I think that was all that needed to be said really!

There is a little history in Martial arts in our family - I used to practice 'Wing Chun' before I met Jo and got married.

Wing Chun is the Martial art that Bruce Lee first started when he was around 13, although he took several Martial art styles and blended them into his own made system called Jeet Kune Do - 'Way of the Intercepting Fist'.

Kane and I really enjoy performing the 'Forms', which are a series of moves linked together to create a display of moves that the student has learnt.

For Kane's first belt he will have to perform 2 moves of the first form, something he should easily be able to do as together we have learnt the first 10-12 moves!

He looks forward to every lesson, and receives a tag each lesson. After he has collected 8 tags, he then goes to the grading for the next belt - this system is a wonderful way of keeping the kids interested and focuses on their goal.

Would you mess with this kid!?


Carrie said...

love the photos Dave, I definitely wouldn't want to mess with him - not thinking of doing a bit yourself then? :0)))

penibear said...

No! He looks like he really means business.....

Stiggy said...

Actually, yes Carrie!

I hope to start on the Monday the kids go back to school!


Thanks ladies - I'll make sure he's on 'your side'!


Greensleeves said...

Kicking butts is a useful skill. Way to go, Kane!

alcoholinky said...

LOL - he looks like he's having a great time. great that you can both share the interest too!

joanne wardle said...

awwwwwww he looks adorable..... but hard, obviously!!
go kick butt Kane!!

Chris said...

Go Kane go! He looks ready for anything and anyone. Wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of him. :-)

Stiggy said...

Awww! Thanks ladies - yep he's definitely going to be one to watch!

Unfortunately we'd be doing different classes, but we already practice the first form together - which is cool!


deb said...

Brilliant photos, he does look ready for some butt kicking doesn't he.

Karin said...

Kane looks like he means business, any of the martial arts are a great discipline to learn at any age. Good luck to you both.

Don said...

It is so good for Kane to get the physical and mental discipline going like that at his age. It's so nice to share things like that with your kids!

I wonder whose butt he will kick first?

Stiggy said...

Well he's already punched me in the groin area - and let me tell you - it was one HELL of a punch for a 6 year old!!!

Incidentally, I bought a beginners dvd of Wing Chun the other day - and it's funny how things come back to you!