Saturday, 25 April 2009

Grass fun!!

Well, I'm sure not everyone can say that they have had fun with their lawns...

...but I certainly can!!

I have been REALLY busy recently, doing all sorts of jobs and things that have, in all honesty, totally knackered me out!

A few days ago, the weather started to be nice, dry and sunny, so I took the opportunity to get my little tractor out of the shed and cut the back lawn.

In previous attempts, it has only been towards the end of the job that the lines have been reasonably straight and uniform, but today was my lucky day, and almost straight away they were looking good!

As well as cutting the grass, there are some patches of bare earth, which needed to be sown with grass seed. The largest of all these patches was left when a soakaway (basically a big hole in the ground filled with rubble and stones, to let the rainwater drain away properly) was never sorted out.

Jo took some photos of me in the process of sowing the seed rather well I think - you can see how much effort I put in, and how exciting the job was! You've heard of 'extreme sports' well this was 'extreme seeding'!

Once the seed was sown, the ground was in need of a good watering, which again Jo managed to capture rather well!

(Please note the hose on the extreme right of the picture before you think bad of me!)

I then covered the area with bird netting to prevent the little blighters eating all my lovely new grass seed!

This was the start of my outdoor action hero stuff, more to come very soon!


Jennifer said...

OMG! You need to put up a -*WARNING*- before you submit a post like this! LOL Hot coffee came out of my nose...seriously!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Great post lol....

lol @ Jennifer with her coffee.

Looking forward to more gardening adventures with outdoor hero Dave lol.

Stiggy said...


Sorry Jennifer - I HAD to put some kind of disclaimer under the photo of the watering, I realised that the hose wasn't immediately visible when you first look at it!

I'm glad it made you smile!

Thanks Jo - as you know, I always put the effort into every job I do...



Don said...

I laughed out loud a couple of times. Thanks for the Sunday morning fun.

What hose?

Stiggy said...


Thanks Don, one tries one's best you know!


Anonymous said...

I would love a ride along lawn mower. A quick 3-point turn would be all that's needed to cut our lawn!

Lucky lucky you!!

Hope yor grass seed it getting plenty of todays rain :-)


Stiggy said...

Yes I must admit - it's been a dream of mine to have one ever since I first ever cut a lawn!

When you put it in 5th gear and open the throttle you can actually go quite fast!


Ruth said...

Don showed me this the day you posted it, but he made sure I started at the top, had to scroll up. Originally he said something about loving the vocabulary of Brit friends: knackered out - we'd never heard that.

So anyway, I didn't know about the hose and was shocked, shocked I tell you!

Haha, not really. I do have a husband and son, and well living on a farm and all . . .

Stiggy said...


Thanks Ruth!

It was one of those mad days where you just make fun out of anything and everything!