Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Dad's Taxi duties gone mad!

Most parents realise that at some point, their driving skills will be asked for by their children.

Most parents expect the odd lift into town, or to drive their little precious ones to one of their friends houses...

Most parents probably don't get asked to drive them around their garden though!

I had to go to the garden centre and get some compost and top soil, and rather than carry the whole lot round to the back of the house, I decided to use the trailer I'd bought for my little tractor.

Kane saw me hitching the trailer up, and asked if he could go for a ride, so, being me, I found some old carpet and put it in the back of the trailer for him to sit on.

Although I didn't go as fast as he would have liked, Kane definitely loved the experience.

The whole thing reminded me of when I was younger. My parents used to take us on a lot of holidays in the UK when we were kids, and every day was packed with activities or visits to various places, depending on where we were of course.

One of these visits was to a Shire Horse farm type place, where we were pulled around the farm in a big trailer with benches either side.

So back to Kane - I thought he'd be sitting up straight in the trailer like I told him to, and when I turned round to see if he was ok and not being bumped around too much...

...I saw that he was lounging with his arms behind his head!

It just made me laugh, as that's typical of him to relax like that.


Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys eh!
Looks like loads of fun, im jealous, I want one!!!!!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Love that first photo when its a close up lol....what a grin Kane has lying there :0)

Don said...

You are creating such a great life for you and your family. I'm looking forward to the day when Kane trades in his motorcycle for a John Deere! OK, maybe he won't go that far, maybe he'll trade YOURS in!

You both look like you're having too much fun

Stiggy said...

The tractor is a GREAT thing!

Once we've finished moving stuff I hope to learn how to weld, so I can make cool vehicles for the kids to ride on...

...I have an American friend who is going to teach me in trade for me teaching him carpentry.