Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A horrible find today!

Today on one of my visits to check the chicks I found something really awful.

One of the chicks - the smallest one of the batch - had died.

She had no marks on her, she wasn't malnourished, so I'm not quite sure WHY she died.

From seeing the chicks when they were just hatched to seeing this little bundle of white feathers lying so unusually still.

There's nothing else to say really.

So sad.


Debbie said...

So sorry for the loss of the chick. I know it happens but it still doesn't make it easier especially when you get attached to the little things like I use too. My husband would get so mad at me cause I would name everything. His reasoning is you can't eat anything once you name it. lol

Hopefully the others do well!


John Gray said...

hens run on incredibly high blood pressures so sudden death is usually cardiac related!

sometimes mom will accidently step on a baby...

as long as the others look ok and not droopy or nwell looking ( a sign of infection)


Lottie said...

Oh dear - what a shame. It is no consolation that 'nature' is just doing what it has always done -making sure that the biggest and fittest survive.

So sorry for you - such a shock especially so as they were your own hatchlings.

John says - it is very often heart failure - still very sad though

Stiggy said...

Thanks Debbie - none of our 'ladies' will ever make it to our table - although we are still finding names for them.

John - I didn't know that! Thanks - I love your comments, because I always learn something from them!

Lottie - I realise that as a sort of smallholder we have to get used to things like this - and I am as I've had to do some pretty grim things since moving here!

Some how this seemed sadder though - probably because of seeing the little thing just lying there.

Thanks for all your supportive comments guys!


Audrey said...

awww I'm sorry Stiggy, that is sad. My cat died a few weeks ago, and it is awful just seeing them lying there. {hugs}