Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Hi all,
    yesterday I did something that I have only done about 4-5 times since I was 19...

...I had a wet shave!

Now this may not sound very interesting, but maybe when I tell you that it's in aid of the Prostate Cancer Charity, things may seem a little more clear.

You can read all about Movember, and how it helps by going to this link.

Here is a photo of my lovely (!?) smooth face - a lot of people are saying how young I look!

All through November I shall be growing a moustache. My Soo Bahk Do Master Instructor has made a team called Team Chuck, and any donations can either be made directly to the team, or to me personally here.

Hopefully we will raise some much needed cash for this important charity. I have a friend from Soo Bahk Do that has recently had Prostate cancer, in fact he's going for his last hit of chemotherapy soon, plus the fact that I know a lot of people who have had cancer makes this effort all the more worthwhile!

If you can donate - even a small amount to our team or to me, I would be eternally grateful, if not, then hopefully I have raised awareness a little bit, and helped the fight against this form of cancer!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

You should have done a 'before' pic too...

only another 27 days until Kane will speak to you again lol

Lottie said...

Oh what a handsome young man you are - and yes - I would love to have seen the hairy monster before the shave.

Which does Jo prefer - a nice baby soft face and chin - or a scratchy hairy one?

Stiggy said...

Thanks Lottie! You can find many photos of me on this blog that show my beard - so you'll have to find one!

Jo hates it!

Kane said to me the night I shaved;

"Dad, how many days in November?"


"30 I think son"


"Well, THAT'S how many days I won't be speaking to you for!"

Great eh!?


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

what happened to you chicks????

f*ckthe haircut and shave

Stiggy said...

Normal service will be resumed as soon as I've raised enough cash for Prostate Cancer!