Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Chicks get new home.

Well, I decided in the last few days that I ought to make some kind of dwelling for the chicks and Queenie, so they can get used to being outside and running about in the grass.It won't have a massive run, but should give them a little sense of adventure, while also letting the other ladies and Rhydian get used to them.

The coop isn't finished - I felted the roof today but haven't started felting the outside walls yet. I also started on their run - hopefully tomorrow I shall be able to felt some more and finish the run.

The run is approx 3' x 3' and is 17" high. There is no bottom to the run, as I'm making it for day release only, and they will be securely locked up in the little coop at night.

I must admit, I was quite pleased with it, my favourite bit being the little door that flaps down to reveal a little ladder board for the chicks to get back inside.

Usually when I make things, I make them so they do the job at hand - I'm not particularly great at finishing off, but this time I thought I'd spend a little extra time making sure this coop would last and look nice (must be my age!). I love the pitched roof, as the half that comes off is now hinged to the coop by means of being stuck to the felt - it won't be lifted up that often, so I'm happy with that.

Hopefully the chicks and Queenie will like it - it's not to last them forever - just until they are bigger and are more integrated with the flock.

I will post once it's finished and in place.


Lottie said...

It looks brilliant - just a word of warning though.....

It's best not to use felt - and it's a nightmare for attracting and accommodating red mite. They just love hiding between it and the wood - and can be a dreadful problem - so much so that you can end up with dead chickens at worst - or poorly ones at best. It usually takes about a year for serious infestation - so it this is not intended for long use then don't worry. But the best thing to use is Onduline - they don't like that for some reason - I think it is because it is a form of plastic.

It is a lovely house though - and you have done a brilliant job.

John Gray said...

looks lovely but dont be upset if the hens dont take to it initially!!!!

Stiggy said...

Thanks for that Lottie. It is only for short term use, so I won't worry too much about that, although it has been securely stuck to the little coop with probably more felt adhesive than I should have done! It glooped out everywhere! There are no spaces between the wood and the felt as I clamped boards on top while it dries.

I take your warning seriously though Lottie!

Thanks John, I WAS thinking of putting a window and a small balcony on the front to the right of the door - maybe I should to make it more appealing?

Thanks for your comments both!