Sunday, 5 September 2010

Chicks take over the coop!

It's true - mother hen Queenie is no longer queen of the roost.

The four chicks have been seen trampling all over mum, even to the point she has one sitting on her back!

The above chick could be called Stella after Jo's mum, but we a little undecided whether to call the white one Stella instead. One thing is for sure, her feathers and the the little black stripe on her head are beautiful and hopefully she'll keep some of that detail later on in life.

The older chicks are growing their feathers very nicely, but with the smaller two looking quite tatty, as their feathers aren't growing as nicely as the others - is this a problem - I have no idea. Maybe they'll grow normally in a while, but I don't know - hopefully they will.

I replaced the floor in the old coop and made sure all the holes were covered in the door and back wall. Hopefully it's a lot warmer and safer now! At least they have a nice little area to run around in.

Queenie has been teaching the chicks to scratch recently, so every time I go in to check the water cups, I have to clean the bedding straw and sawdust out.

I have picked them up a few times now, and I like holding the coffee lid of water as they drink, because they can get used to my hands, and when they drink they tip their heads back and look straight at me - which is very cute (sorry to be a bit soppy there!)

The next stage is for me to make a little coop for mum and the chicks to go in actually outside the large coop, with a little run so they can start getting used to grass and all the other things they will hopefully take for granted when they're older.


Ruth said...

Aren't they precious? Be soppy, be soppy.

I used to love finding the chicks on mama's back too, and I caught a couple on my camera's sensor. They do look like beautiful birds.

Debbie said...

Be as soppy as you like! :) The chicks will grow up fast and I know they are so much fun to watch as they explore with momma. I love reading your posts on the chicks.

Take Care,
Debbie K

John Gray said...

watch the other hens...... they can be deadly with chicks that are not their own......

great to see you so happy!!!
wait until all the chicks are cockerels!!!!

Stiggy said...

Ruth - Oh ok then, maybe just a little then! Funny little things they are....

...and thank you - I'm very proud of them!

Debbie - I'm amazed at just HOW fast they're growing up - more pictures soon! I wish I could post more, but I'm a little lazy!

John - I'm keeping them away from the others at the moment, and am making a new small coop and run for mum and the chicks to be placed next to the main run so everyone knows each other.

Thanks guys!


thegardensmallholder said...

Hello Stiggy & family!
Long time no 'speak'! Thank you for your lovely comments during my absence and on my return :) I'm sorry to hear you also lost a hen, it's never easy is it? :(

I have to say, I have been hooked reading all about your chicks and watching video clips of them, they are adorable!! Mum is a beauty too!I look forward to watching them grow and develop :)

Stiggy said...

Thanks Karen - it was good to see you were back - I'm sure all bloggers realise that it takes a lot of time and effort to blog regularly, and you HAVE had a lot on your plate.

Thanks - they're truely lovely - I'll try to get some new photos up, as they are a peculiar bunch of siblings!'ll see what I mean when I post them!