Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday chick update.

Well, despite all my fears and worries, things seem to be going ok in the brooder.

Queenie is showing she's a devoted mother type, and the chicks are eating their chick crumbs, and drinking their water nicely.

They seem to be growing quite quickly already and fluffing up well.

Here's a little film made this morning of the chicks at the watering hole - the whole family taking a break!



Ruth said...

Drat. I can't get the video to load. My cursor seems to be malfunctioning. I'll try later.

Way to go, Mr. Chicken Man, keeping them alive!

Carol Q said...


Audrey said...

Oh my these are too cute!!!

Stiggy said...

Ruth - did you try going to Youtube itself?
...and thanks I'm doing my best! :D

Carol - they are, aren't they! :D

Audrey - they are totally cute!


Thanks ladies!

joanne wardle said...

aww I bet you could sit and watch them all day!

Stiggy said...

Funny actually Joanne, I said that the other day when Kane was there with me!


John Gray said...

you are getting there..... we will make a hard nosed poultry keeper out of u yet!!!

Stiggy said...

Cheers John - another update coming today with some pictures.

I'm having to 'make do' the old coop and chickify it to stop them getting out.