Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New year chill!

The last year has been very busy for us here, not only have we bought a house and had dramatic changes done to it, we've also moved in last October and had Christmas to contend with, so life here has been non-stop, and quite stressful.

Now it seems, life is slowly returning to 'normal' whatever that may be. We still have a stupid amount of stuff at our other house which we need to move, and all this on top of all the new duties given to us by our new home!

One thing that has made things harder has been the really cold weather - not only for us, but for my ladies in the paddock. Their water has been frozen every morning, the ground underfoot has been like steel, and they haven't been able to go for walks too freely thanks to a roaming fox.

All this is about to change though, with the warmer weather (hopefully) coming, changes can be made to house all our ladies more comfortable, and jobs that I couldn't start last year can be started this year.

I had to take a few photos of the girls recently, probably because I never thought they would have frost on their wings - but one or two of the chickens like to roost on top of the old coop instead of inside with the others in their warm coop - which is packed with straw and is really quite warm considering.

I do feel sorry for them though, so this year their entire enclosure will be changed, moved, made bigger and better. Their runs will have interesting things for them to sit on, and hopefully this year I can get my relationship back with them, because of the lack of time I've had with them, hardly any let me touch them any more - which I find quite sad, but understandable.

Although it has been so cold, my ladies still like to get out and about...

...a few of them even went over the other side of the paddock - which is quite a journey for their little legs, and they probably went back telling all the other girls to go their on their next excursion.


Ruth said...

It really does look cold. It's funny and sweet how you write about your lack of time with them, wistfully. Poor ignored things. I'm sure they will be glad to have your attentions again. We relate to these things.

I'll let Don tell you his news on his blog. :D

Stiggy said...

Well, I visit them every day, but I just don't spend as much time as I used to, but then again, the weather is supposed to be getting better, so there will be plenty of fence fixing and coop mending coming up!

What has Don done now? Has he sold his blogging rights to an International film studio!?!?


Don said...

It has been really cold here too. It's been below zero for the past three nights! -23 C! I have a heat lamp and a little milkhouse heater going to take the chill off the air!

The frost on the buff Orp looks really cold...

Stiggy said...

Thanks guys... thing Don, it's not a Buff Orp - it's a hybrid layer.

The Buff Orps look MASSIVE compared to these ladies...

...and this year is the year for us to get our very own Buff Orp!

We just love the shape and size of them, and we've wanted one for ages!