Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Back to it!

Well, today I received two packages, one containing smoke bombs, and one containing humane mole traps.

The smoke bombs certainly seemed to do wonders - of course they may have just stunned the moles into submission, but who cares when they aren't pushing up as much soil or breaking peoples ankles on their tunnel network...

...WHICH by the way is totally ridiculous! You'd be amazed at how many tunnels these things can do.

Aparrently they can tunnel 4M in one hour...

...that's just over 13 FEET in ONE hour!!

It's not the fact that the tunnels are only about 2 inches in diameter, it's the fact that there are so MANY tunnels, and sometimes they make a sort of junction under the grass, thus making the tunnel into a small cavern underneath - i've lost my footing more than once in these junctions, I can tell you!

So anyway, I got these things in the post this morning, and I will eagerly use them as soon as there is more evidence of moles again - for at the moment everything is quiet on the front line.

I took my mower/tractor out onto the back lawn, and drove around flattening the tunnels and molehills so I would be able to see any new ones, or signs where the little blighter was living and hunting.

So far no signs of life - which may be a good sign that they've moved on.

Of course, it may be a sign that they've decided to breed like mad, then come at me with a whole army of tunnelling little horrors!

Luckily moles are solo animals apart from at breeding time, and very territorial, so I probably actually only have two moles on our land (well hopefully anyway!).

Let's see what happens over the next few days - I'll keep you informed!


alcoholinky said...

oh darn - thought you'd got some new type of embossing powder for Jo! LOL good luck with the moles!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol at Carol lol...I'm not used to all these packages arriving in Daves name- when the traps arrived I thought 'these are weird craft things- what've I bought now...and why dont I remember buying them' lol

Don said...

the things we do for the sake of our lawns1

we have a lot of moles here. they really tear up my mower blades.

I caught one once as it rean across the lawn. It was so slow, I was able to set a handy paint can on it until the cat came around and dispatched it.

Maybe Jo can make some cool collages with your leftover smoke bombs?!

Allotment Lady said...

My goodness - you look all set for an invasion!

Were you in the Scouts perchance 'Be Prepared'

I get a woodpecker too in my garden - they are great for pecking out all the 'nasties' hidden in the lawn.

They are such beautiful birds aren't they.

A sit on mower/tractor - gosh you must be posh LOL

Looking forward to reading more of your 'adventures'

Stiggy said...

Well thank you!


...and yes I was in the Scouts - and Cubs, AND Venture Scouts too!

We bought the ride on mower from the people who lived here before us, and I need it to cut our grass on our back lawn, and our paddock - it would be impossible with a normal mower!!!!

Thanks again, I'm trying to keep updated more than I was at the end of last year - it all got a bit mad with us moving, and Christmas.