Saturday, 6 December 2008


I thought I'd have a little play around with my photo editing software this morning...

...taking a self portrait, I blurred the original file so the skin tones and details were much softer, then I took the eye, kept the detail and overlaid it onto the blurred background.

This gives a strange depth of field illusion, one that I really liked doing, and one that has opened up a whole new avenue and excitement for me!


thegardensmallholder said...

I really like this portrait. I like the mono, crop, composition and the sharpness and intense stare of the eye. Very well presented too.


Stiggy said...


Yes the eye was on a different layer to the main photo which was blurred a lot.

I put the title in the left bottom corner to assist with the natural direction the viewers eye takes. (well I HOPE it works anyway!).

It's not too bad playing around with self portraits, as in this case the subject has the same artistic views as the photographer!


Ruth said...

Very cool. I wish I understood more about layers. I learned a little bit recently, but I need to keep learning more stuff.

Don said...

Look at you! You have been busy learning to be a photographer.

Nicely done!

Stiggy said...

Thanks Ruth, thanks Don.

It's all accident and luck!

I was sort of pleased with the actualy shot - although Jo reckons I look like a psycho on the complete picture - just as well I only did my good side eh!?


Phoenix Fleet - Star Trek RPG said...

Very nice work for 'just playing around' Stiggy. :p It is so much fun messing around with Photoshop and seeing what can be done.


Stiggy said...


How did you find me in this mass of things!?

Thanks Liesel - that means a lot coming from you!

Nice to have you pop by - I need to put more work on here really, but with Christmas et al it's all been a bit mad.


Phoenix Fleet - Star Trek RPG said...

Thank Mark for pointing me to your chicken blog. :D Understood about Christmas. I haven't had much of a creative bug here between holidays and work. And now Mark making me sick with his cold.

Audrey said...

its a brilliant shot Stiggy