Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Guerilla warfare begins!

Today plans are being drawn up, tactics are being written and equipment made ready for the assault on the moles which are infesting our paddock and back lawn.

This morning smoke bombs arrived - these little babies will be lit and pushed as far down the tunnels as possible, and will coat the inside of the runs with castor oil, which aparrently make the moles move on to pastures new, as it stops the moles from feeding in the treated areas.

I am not looking forward to the next step, which is setting traps for the little things.

First off will be scissor traps, which go in the runs and close onto the furry tunnellers.

The second type of trap is the Dufas trap which is a lot bigger than the scissor trap, but apparently more effective.

I will keep you informed of my progress, but I expect this to be a very drawn out battle, and hopefully... HOPEFULLY I will win the war!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

awwwwww ...poor molies. Hopefully they will get the hint after stage one and move to the field next door lol

alcoholinky said...

eek, poor moles but I guess it has to be done. they are cute though.
the chicks and Rhydian are looking chipper even though it has been cold. they're a pretty looking bunch aren't they.

Don said...

ugh, moles. We have our shate of the little beasties. They can be quite a pain to get rid of. Our cat likes to catch them, and then she brings them to the driveway and leaves them for me to deal with.

thegardensmallholder said...

Poor moles :( I know they are a pain but they have to live somewhere....just always seem to chose the worst places!

In our previous garden we had moles attacking the lawn BIG style. I found that once we got a dog it seemed to stop. Not sure if was to do with the dog or not but seemed very odd. Also whenever fresh mole hills appeared we squished them down as soon as possible, we read somewhere that moles hate this, what with the scent of humans as well it puts them off.

Stiggy said...

Ahhh interesting, thanks for those tips - I'll have to try to employ them in my tactics...

...I counted 52 mole hills in one small area of our paddock, it's amazing how fast they make a mess of the grass - as well as that of course, you also have the underground tunnel matrix that makes your feet sink into the earth - like standing on foam it's so bad there!