Saturday, 26 July 2008

Shed extension and other stories..

It's been a while since I have any time to go down the new place and actually do any work - the big summer holiday from school has hit us like a freight train and to be honest I'm still in a state of shock trying to adjust to all day every day having the boys around...

...that's not to say, of course, that I have any problem with having the boys at home, it's just it's a little hard leaving Jo on her own with both and going out, so I try to take what time I can when I can!

The shed has been neglected, as far as doing any further work to the mini extension that has been mutually agreed by Jo and I. So the other day, I had a meeting with our project manager on site, and I realised this was my chance to do something constructive.

I've been digging the hole for the base to go onto/into - I say into as the main shed/workshop is on a slope, so I've had to dig into hardcore and MOT stone, which hasn't been too bad but hard work - especially when I'm digging about 15 minutes at a time. It wouldn't be too bad, but every shovel full means 5 minutes using a pickaxe to loosen the stone!

Friday I visited one of the builders merchants I used to work for and bought some timber for the base, made a frame approx 10'x8' and started to noggin it out (noggins are the short bits of wood between the long bits of wood - in case you didn't know!). As you can see from the photo, the noggins are at one end so far - that is the end where the doors will go onto, and therefore the noggins are where the mower/tractors wheels will be going over, they will support the weight nicely.

What I'll be doing next is to continue the alternative noggins across the frame, then put it in situ and place concrete blocks under the frame making the whole thing nice and solid.

Once that has been done, the 3/4" OSB board will go on top to make the floor, then a small frame, then I'm going to use the internal doors that I managed to salvage from the house to make the walls. If it needs weather proofing after I'll get some 6" feather edge timber and clad it.

Anyway - at least it's progressing slowly!



Don said...

You look like you know what you're doing! Isn't it refreshing to do something like this as opposed to your daily routine?

You are going to build a large barn soon, I can feel it.

Cows? goats? Pony?

Stiggy said...


I wish!!!

We have the land, but over here building restrictions are rife, so here's an equation for you...

b = barn
J = Jo
B/r = building restrictions


b + J + B/R = no barn!

Thing is Don, carpentry is what I really enjoy now I have some decent tools.


Little Veg Patch said...

The shed extension is looking good Stiggy but the digging sounds painful though :O

Stiggy said...

Well LVP, it's pretty much done now - the digging that is!

I've finished the timber base, and have fixed it to the shed...

...I've started only digging where I need to lower the joists a bit to make it level.

Hopefully I can start on the roof and walls soon.


alcoholinky said...

would make a fantastic external craft room wouldn't it? LOL

Stiggy said...


Jo has what is going to be the 'utility room' at the new place. It's the garage that has been converted into a lovely dry spacious area. The only things that will be in there will be the washing machine, freezer and dryer, so the rest of the space will be Jo's big crafting area!