Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Networking in the veggy plot

We went down the new place earlyish today, as we knew we had some work to do.

Personally I wanted to do a bit more to the shed extension, but after sitting down with Jo for a drink, we noticed a bird swoop down and take a bit of our fruit!


...well maybe not exactly those words, but I knew I had to get off my behind and sort something out!

One of the end posts had to be replaced, so I concentrated my efforts on that that - making a nice sized hole with my pointed heavy metal bar, I made sure that I'd made it nice and deep to support the wires with the stems hanging off them.

Unfortunately I wasn't tall enough to hit the post in, so using some bits of scrap sheathing ply and joists, I made a makeshift step about 1' high.

"AHA!" I thought - NOW I can do the job!

Standing on my pedestal (I think Jo was swooning at me at this point - or maybe it was just the heat) I was able to use my small club hammer to help the post on it's way into the ground.

Once the post was in nice and firm, I transferred the wires from the old post, and fixed them as tight as I could. Then I found some old metal poles we were using for our peas (they were eaten) and put them at diagonals against the posts.

After they had been bashed into the ground with my trusty club hammer, we started to fix the netting, with a length of wire linking each post, acting as a ridge pole.

Once over, I preceded to join the ends, which were carefully 'stitched' together with wire sleeving, and VOILA! It was finished!


Little Veg Patch said...

Thats very smart tis that net! ;)

Stiggy said...


Thanks LVP one tries ones best!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol @ action stations lol...I think you'll find the words were 'bl**dy birds! We need a net'. We'll probably turn up there today with 50 birds inside it with huge tums lol. Great job though... ps..the swooning was probably a result of me being hit by the hammer by 'mistake' lol

Stiggy said...

Awww sorry Jo - you'll just have to remember to keep well away from me when I'm using manly tools!