Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Blackberry or Raspberry or maybe something else...

My parents visited the new place last week, and one of their observations was that the Blackberries didn't look...

...well, Blackberry-like.

After a little tasting session, my Dad decided they were Tayberries.

I tasted one, and I must admit it didn't fill me with joy, or make me see angels or anything...

...still, they were ok, and I imagine with copious amounts of sugar they could be quite bearable!

Oh and the reason I mentioned this, is that they are the fruits that are safely tucked away under the netting away from the birds!



Audrey said...

lets be honest - berries and sugar: you can't go too far wrong ;-)

Don said...

Audrey is correct! I have never heard of these berries before, (I read about them and they were hybridized by a gent in a kilt just north of you), but can tell you that they will probably make excellent jam. The tarter (is that a word?) the better! It better taste good somehow, after all the netting you did!

Stiggy said...

Yes indeed, my parents tell me Tayberries are great in jam.

Jo was also talking about possibly making some compot or conserve with them.

Either way, I expect I'll be eating pretty much everything we grow - even the Raspberries, which I really am not that fond of.


Little Veg Patch said...

Well whatever they are they look very plump and juicy! Yum.

Greta said...

Hi Stiggy - the possibilities are endless, jams, fruit flavoured vodka/gin, ice cream - basically, all of my favourite things!

Stiggy said...

Thank you LVP and Greta - I would be a fool not to at least rty a couple of ways of eating them - although vanilla ice cream may be nice too with them.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Theyre very zingy... it'll be tayberries for breakfast , lunch and dinner after all this hardwork...

Math Campbell said...

Mmmmmmmmm mutant berrries (drools)

Look kinda the brambles you sometimes see further up north in the mountains.

They go black by middle of august. Difficult to tell without tasting them (a lot).

We recently managed to get some raspberries in that purveyor of tat and overpriced junk known as Tesco's. Here's what I did:
A nice Victoria sandwich cake, with real vanilla in the cake mix (we got a job lot of vanilla pods on eBay), with sugared Vanilla whipped-cream in the middle of the cake, and a hefty dollop of the raspberry jam I made (quite runny not a toast-spreading jam) dumped on top of the cream, then the top of the cake squashed down on that so it all squirts out a bit, then dusted with icing sugar and served with more cream, either whipped or poured. Or some ice-cream if you like.
There's even a photo of one of these cakes on my blog, I think....

Stiggy said...

LOL@Math and his Victoria sandwich!!

Hardly the sort of thing you should shout about being in tough Scotland mate!

Still it sounds delicious!

I'll go have a look see if I can see the photo!


Math Campbell said...

Yeah, I know, I know.

But even someone as macho and touch as me needs to eat, and waht sort of macho tough guy would I be if I let a mere slip of a women do my cooking for me :D

Turns out there wasn't a photo on there (although there was of my traditional Yorkshire Egg Custard).
So I put one up.

Very simple recipe:
Weigh out a number of eggs, I usually use 4 eggs (with two 9" cake tins).
Actually weigh the eggs in their shells, write this down. If you're using big eggs it's usually about 9-10oz.
Then weigh out that same amount of sugar, then butter. So if the eggs weigh 11oz, weigh out 11oz of sugar and 11oz of butter. Then blend the sugar and butter. Then break the eggs in and whisk it up good. Then weigh out that magic number again in self-raising flour. Fold it in, add any flavouring you want (3 tablspoons of cocoa's nice for a choccy cake), put it in the cake tins you want to use, and cook it on 190˙ C in the oven for about 45 mins.
The raspberry jam is dead simple. Put the berries in a saucepan, light the gas, put in an equal measure of sugar (just guess, I do), and heat it for 5 mins and let it cool.
The cream, you whip. If you can't manage that step out the kitchen and let the wife in instead!

Stiggy said...

LOL! Thaks for that Math, I shall see what I can do!


Connie said...

your garden is gorgeous! I am glad you were able to save some of your crop for yourselves...looks like the birds have had plenty enough already!