Monday, 16 August 2010

Chick update No.3

I say 'chick update No.3' as I put two updates on the bottom of my last post - I didn't want to seem TOO obsessed!

Today's post will comprise of this first bit - then further down at the bottom there will be updated news as it happens (or pretty much anyway!).

Not a lot to report today so far. We still have four chicks, and they are looking cuter than ever!

I had to make sure the remaining eggs were nicely under Queenie, as she seems to occasionally forget they are there - but then again, it's all new to her and she has a lot to cope with right now!

I very carefully lifted Queenie off the remaining eggs, her chicks were peeping out to see what was going on, to put her in front of her food and water. She was very unsteady on her feet, and so would mine be if I'd had been sitting for the amount of time she has - but she managed to eat some, drink some, and leave behind the biggest, stinkiest deposit I have ever seen from a chicken!

...still, you probably didn't want to know that last bit!


Here's what the chicks look like this morning...

And one of the chicks eating her tasty chick crumbs!




Ruth said...


In chicks 8, they were talking about what a nice place that man with the black box made them.

Chicks 9 - - holy cow! How precious to watch Queenie and the chick doing the same motions. It's fabulous, isn't it?

Stiggy said...


What I was so pleased about in chicks 9 was the fact the little chick was eating out of the feeder - I was so worried they'd either get confused and not know what it was, or wouldn't realise where the food was!

Looks like at least some of my fears are unfounded,


John Gray said...

nice to share your obsession

as for the poo

quite normal for a broody hen..the poo just once a day!!!!!

Stiggy said...

Hi again John!

You know, when people tell me things like you just did, it makes me feel so much better!

I'll relax more now I know that.

Keep those tit-bits coming!


John Gray said...

just ask me anytime or visit my blog
always happy to help