Saturday, 3 April 2010


Well, yes, I know, it's taken an awful long time to actually state the fact that I have finished the front room units...

...well what can I say - we've been very busy, with life throwing us a few wobblers and googlies, plus my usual laziness, I just haven't got round to blogging the details!

"WHAT!?"  You say?

"I don't believe you Stiggy, you're usually SO punctual with your posts!"

Well, what can I say....

The main thing is I've managed to take a photo!

Drum roll please............

Now we haven't finished loading it up with 'stuff' yet, but we have lots of interesting (and some not quite so interesting) books in boxes that we need to rediscover, and some lovely 'things' to put on the shelves, so it's a work in progress still, but at least now there's no construction or fiddling left to do!

...which is great! least in THIS room!


Carol Q said...

verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice!!!

Stiggy said...

Thank you very much Carol!

To quote Hannibal Smith from the A team...

"I love it when a wall full of Ikea units comes together!"

...or something like that!


Frugal Life UK said...

All hail the Stig! with his black belt in Ikea! I hate the jeffin' place so I'm just impressed that you actually suffered the purchasing of it let alone the building of it!

Stiggy said...

Ah Frugal, how are you?

I did the sensible thing and ordered everything online, and had it delivered.

A big pallet of it delivered for £35.00 which was a BARGAIN!

Amazing service on the delivery with communication - one of the easiest things I have done!

Don said...

That really finishes the room nicely! And now you get to fill it up with all the things that need dusting.

You probably had a stress-relieving time assembling that. Did you have little helpers?

Debbie said...

Job well done Stiggy! I would love having shelving like that. Till we get our own place again I will have to be content with a few bookshelves. :)

How is the battle of the moles going?


Stiggy said...

Don - only a MAN could realise the hidden worth of carefully planning and building units! No, I had no help - all assembled by my own fair hands.


Debbie - there is a mole underneath the chicken run at the moment, luckily it has the sense to stay there - it'll be caught within 24 hours of making a molehill in the paddock!

We have something like a spare 18 shelves, although I need to cut some down for the other dvd section.


Anonymous said...

Cracking job there Stiggy and no spare parts left over?

If i had that much storage space I'd be issuing library tickets :-)

That large LCD TV would be great with a small form factor PC on the shelf loaded with vintage computer/console games. It's amazing how kids (and even bigger kids) love video games from yesteryear. It's probably why they're so popular now on newer consoles.

Best wishes


Stiggy said...

Hey Steve! Thanks matey - I thought you'd like the TV - it's a Samsung LED Series 8000 42".

...everyday I can spend ages just looking it sighing with happiness!

...I did suggest to Jo I put all the books in Alphabetical order - but I don't think she was too keen on the idea!


Ruth said...

(I like Don's comment about dusting, hehe.)

It's beautiful! It will be even more beautiful with books. Please show. That is a very cool TV.

So great to see you again, Stiggy! Thank you for the anniversary wishes. Don and I had a very nice dinner at the end of my very long work day. I'll be posting about it . . .

Lottie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stiggy said...

Hi Ruth, I'm glad you and Don had a nice time on your anniversary - gives us 'short termer' a bit of hope eh!?


...and Lottie - now I'm REALLY glad to see you, I honestly was very pleased to find you're blogging on your new one...

...but I'm sorry, I realise you have eye problems at the moment, which negates ANY humour, and I apologise for this, but I just HAD to copy and paste this comment since both Jo and myself almost wet ourselves laughing at the typo, and each time we re-read it, it just got funnier and funnier, until we found it hard to breathe!

"Cor what a big one - amazing Stiffy - bet Jo really loves that"

Sorry Lottie - but you made our evening - I hope you don't mind!


x x

Lottie said...

Oh dear - I have deleted the comment!

I am sure your are swaggering around in front of your units with pride now!

Sorry to deflate you my dear - it was a typing error - truly - by an old lady with Glaucoma and eye drops that blur her vision!

Oh how I laughed when I got your email - literally cried with laughter. (My husband was not amused as it'interrupted the Rugby commentary)

It's at times like this that its good to know someone only though the internet - I could never face you both again if I knew you in real life.

Of course it's all your own fault - why don't you use your real name?


Stiggy said...

Thanks Lottie - make me feel special why don't you!


If you look above at my comment you'll see I kept the comment cos I thought you'd delete it!