Monday, 15 March 2010

Black belt in Ikea!

We've wanted some storage in our house since we moved in - a large wall almost 20' long just crying out for a sprawling area filled with shelves.

I WAS going to make something myself, but after careful consideration and some basic math, decided to buy it in instead, so I carefully planned out what we could fit in the space.

Jo was happy with the aray, so I ordered the lot online, and had it delivered last Saturday morning about 8:45am.

The last day or so I've found myself fixing other things, but here's what I've managed to do so far.

The whole lot needs fixing to the wall, cupboard doors need going on - then handles for the doors, and then lastly the shelves need going in, in a random formation.


Debbie said...

boy wouldn't I love a shot at stocking up those shelves! lol

Debbie :)

Frugal Life UK said...

cor blimey! some job there!

Carol Q said...

OMG - think of all the stamping accessories that could be stored there!! LOL

Stiggy said...

Thanks ladies!

Nooooooo crafting materials PLEASE!!!??

I'll show when it's finished.


Dave said...

Looks good Dave! Is it done yet? ;)

Stiggy said...

It IS done Dave, but I need to tidy the front room a bit and take the load of cardboard packing down the recycling tip before I take another pic!


stiggyblog said...

Looking good there matey, they look similar to the units we brought last year for our study. I also considered building myself but Ikea pricing are perfect for this kind of thing. Ours stretches across the whole of one wall and is already filled to the max. May need to add more soon!

Take care


Dave said...

So... any pictures yet?

Dave said...

Looks great Stiggy!