Thursday, 8 April 2010

Summer day play.

Today was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining, the birds singing, a soft, fresh breeze blew over the garden, as the chickens ran free in the paddock.

Kane said he wanted to play outside this afternoon, after going down town this morning for some emergency rations, so he donned his shoes and went outside to explore. He's always a little funny about going out on his own - not like me when I was his age - any excuse to go dig a hole or make a trap for something, but Kane prefers company.

We started off playing soldiers in and around his secret camp I built him, then he decided he wanted to kick a ball about, so we went to the shed and got his football out - it was a little flat, but it didn't stop us having a good ol' kick about.

After he wore me out, I came in and sat at my desk while he continued to play outside - running around after his ball, and then playing on his little slide - going down backwards, sideways and upside down.

Unfortunately his shoe fell off, so I popped outside to put it back on for him, but not before I'd taken a quick shot of the view from my desk!


Frugal Life UK said...

good for Kane - I played in the garden all day too! loved it!

Debbie said...

I wonder who will have the better night sleep after a day like that! :) Friday DH made me get out and help in the yard and I slept like a rock.

Take Care,

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

...just to add, Kane is of course able to put his own shoes on under 'normal' circumstances lol...just that he was stuck on a slide upside down lol

Nice post...sums up the afternoon atmosphere beautifully.

Stiggy said...

Frugal - glad to hear someone else got some summer play in!

Funnily enough Debbie - KANE had the better sleep - he ran around long after I stopped - pleasures of being young I spose!

Thanks dearest, yes Kane puts his shoes on very well - but lying upside down and back to front while hanging on by his fingertips is a little more difficult to perform the procedure!


Lottie said...

What a wonderful post - and a gorgeous view from your desk.

Thank you so much for paying me a cyber visit - very much appreciated. I am now a 'follower' of yours so that I don't miss out

Stiggy said...

Yay! Lottie!!!

So great to be able to read your blogs again - I missed you and your 'ladies'!

I've put you on my blog list and will follow you as avidly as I used to!