Sunday, 17 January 2010

A crazy year so far!

I seem to be posting about as often as we have blue moons!

It's one of those things - not intentional, I love blogging, but unfortunately life has been taking far too much time over virtual writings.

We had Christmas - that was very nice, we had Jo's parents over Christmas Eve, my parents round boxing day, and no-one at all round on the actual day itself - WONDERFUL!

Before the Christmas holidays, I was set to be Santa at Kane's old pre-school, but due to everything being closed due to the snow, I wasn't able to do it - nor was I able to do it on the second occasion, due to.... yes, you guessed it SNOW!

I didn't let that major disappointment get me down too much (although I've booked myself in for next year I hope!), because I wanted to see what sort of Santa I would have been - so I dressed up and went walkabout in the snow with Kane to get an idea of what I'd look like.

Even the Chickens got a visit!

Since it WAS snowing, I looked around to buy Kane a sledge, but there were none for sale ANYWHERE! It was one of those occasions when I should have pulled my finger out a LOT sooner, but not wishing to have my lad upset because he couldn't join in with the fun - I decided to make him one!

I'll spare you the technical details, but I would have bent the metal tube runners on my pipe bender I bought, but I didn't have any sand to put inside the tube to keep it round when I bent it - so it folded rather than bent round - still it worked VERY well!

During the snow we had a power cut for 32 hours. We're not on gas, so we had no way of cooking either!

Kane enjoyed sitting round some candles (especially his 'Meerkat shrine!), but Jo and Zak were less than impressed - it gave me the opportunity to become 'Super Stiggy' though, as I drove out and hired a gas heater and bought a little camping gas cooking stove.

Candles just ooze mystical don't they!

And that, as they say, is about it - I'm looking forward to blogging more this year, as I'm sure there are lots of adventures to be had and stories to be told...

..I guess we'll have to wait and see!




Debbie said...

I think you make a wonderful Santa! Its a shame the snow prevented you from making your rounds. We have not gotten much snow here at all... maybe 2 inches if that much.

You also did a wonderful job on the sleigh! What a handy guy you are. :)

I always decorated for the holidays when my boys were younger. Now that I have the 2 year old grandson I am getting back into it but only with the tree. I hope to post a picture of it today. I have visions of decorating it differently for each holiday.

Hopefully you will find a little extra time to blog. Its hard with life always getting in the way though... I experience that here too.

Take care and Best Wishes to you and your family,

Stiggy said...

Thanks so much Debbie - I really enjoyed being Santa! It really is difficult to make the time to blog at the moment - although I'll hopefully be making time to blog.

I'll check out your tree - we don't really do much for Valentines over here - apart from the soppy stuff - but not really decorations.


Ruth said...

Hahaha, you and Don. He threatens to post more too. I'll be watching.

Don brought me in to see that last photo of you, and we both just cracked up.

The sled is super cool, Mr. Super Stiggy.

Yes yes feel free to use the slideshow video idea!

Don said...

Beautiful sledge!

I think we are going through the same kinds of "busyness" but I want to try a little harder to keep up with the green barn and one man and his Chickens!

Stiggy said...

Thanks Ruth - I had a lot of fun dressed as Santa, even though I didn't get to be him for the kids.

Still, they've booked me in for next year - so that's ok!


Don - you know, I think we probably DO have the same type of 'busyness' - maybe we can help each other to blog a bit more this yeah eh!?

The sledge only goes one speed - STUPIDILYFAST!!!

Thanks matey!