Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Kane's 7th Birthday!

I just can't believe how fast the time has gone. It only seems like yesterday I was holding our new born son in my arms in the hospital, right after Jo had given birth to him. I was the first person he ever saw, as he opened one eye, looked at me and closed his eye again, as if to say;

"Hello Dad, you'll do, but now I need some sleep"

So it's amazing that after another blink of an eye, he had his 7th Birthday on the 31st January.

We asked Kane what he wanted to do - Jo gave him some choices, but in the end it was up to us to try to help him choose, as he wanted to do everything we suggested!

Kane decided he wanted to go bowling in Brighton Bowlplex, then go to Pizza Hut afterwards with a few of his friends.

While I designed his Birthday card, Jo started work on a simply AWESOME cake - Kane's into Club Penguin - she made a sponge cake, then set to it making the extra pieces to make it into an Igloo, once they were put on top of the cake, Jo started on carefully putting the icing over the whole thing and working her magic to make it into what you see below - STUNNING is all I can say, and I worked MY magic on the little paper things you see around the cake.

Here is a picture of the front and inside of the card I made.

I took Kane and two of his friends straight from school, and we met another two of his friends at the Bowlplex. The game was great, with all the kids (mostly) behaving themselves and having a great time!

Once the game was finished, we rushed to Pizza Hut which was only about 200M away, to our reserved round booth, and ordered our pizza. Again all the kids were remarkably well behaved considering it was a party, they were given chefs hats to colour in while they waited for their food, and they all wrote really cool things about Kane on them, such as 'Rock Kane' and other phrases - Kane just lapped up the attention!

Talking about lapping - as the kids all went up for seconds with their ice-cream bowls (errrrm yours truely included!), Kane discovered that his spoon was frozen underneath his blob of ice-cream, which he tried to eat in one go!

The waitress then brought out his 'party' Birthday cake, and we all sang Happy Birthday, then myself and my good friend Martin cut the cake up and put it into party bags Jo had all ready sorted out.

After all the kids had been collected or taken home, Kane and I had a chance to sit down and relax - building one of his Bionicles, which, to be honest, I absolutely loved too! It was VERY cool!

I can't think of a better end to Kane's 7th Birthday!


Debbie said...

Looks like Kane's 7th birthday party was a success! Jo did an awesome job on the cake and the card and little cut-outs were cute. You all must be pretty creative! :)

Tell Kane 'Happy Belated Birthday!' from Missouri...

Take Care,

Stiggy said...

Thanks Debbie! Yes the whole evening was so much fun! I sort of wonder though how we're supposed to up the standards year on year though.

I told Kane your message.


Thanks again!

Carol said...

What a GREAT birthday for Master Kane and his buddies! WOW! The cake was FANTASTIC and can't believe you have a Pizza Hut nearby! The world IS getting smaller, isn't it? Dave, did you draw the card or develop it on the computer? Either way, its WONDERFUL. I love how you added his picture into the design.

Stiggy said...

Awww thanks Carol!

Kane did indeed have a great time, two of his most favourite things in the world to do!

All the graphics were taken from the web, although I did sort of play around with them to get them the way I wanted - I like doing things like that. For example, the Penguin on the cake is the same as on the front of the card - but I took off the balloons in photoshop.


Ruth said...

Kane is one lucky dude to have parents like you and Jo. Your love just oozes out of your post, and Kane's face says it all.

May we extend Kane's birthday wishes a little longer? Happy Birthday from Michigan from Don and Ruth!

Stiggy said...

Awww cheers guys - message passed on!