Monday, 23 November 2009

My Gold medal!

I thought I'd show you my Gold medal I won for team sparring in Soo Bahk Do, on November 15th 2009.


Debbie said...

Very cool! I trust it has a place of honor where it is being hung? :)


Ruth said...

See? Manly! :)

alcoholinky said...

way to go Dave!!

Stiggy said...

Thanks ladies, I hang it next to my certificates of Soo Bahk Do rank progression next to my PC in pride of place!

I'm so pround - and AMAZED that I won both fights - I was actually relying on our Black belt to get all the point for us!


Don said...

You Da Man! That must have been so gratifying to have all of your hard work pay off like that. Hang that medal with pride. What is next? British Olympic Team?

Stiggy said...

Thanks Don!

There is a major Soo Bahk Do meeting in Belgium in March - I doubt if I'll be able to go, but if I was able to go I'd meet the Grandmaster, and possibly enter a European Competition.... wouldn't THAT be cool!?