Saturday, 6 December 2008

My first photography competition.

Recently I sent off one of my photographs, the portrait view of Mount Caburn early in the morning with the mist in the valley, to a competition after Jo suggested I should.


I won first prize, and my photo was put on the monthly E-Newsletter for a garden centre called 'Garden Pride'.

Although there were a lot of entries, I managed to win, and I received a £15.00 voucher to spend in their shops!

I will be sending off more photographs I think!


thegardensmallholder said...

Well done you !! What an achievement, and must be a great feeling. I have entered comps before but came nowhere ha ha!

Im really chuffed for you, I can see why the photo won its beautiful.


Stiggy said...

Thanks Karen!

I was amazed to be honest when I got the notification email...

...along with the vouchers I got a letter from the boss of the place congratulating me personally for winning!

It's a weird but great feeling having people who don't know you or anything about you, but they really like your work - it's cool!


Ruth said...

Good for you!! Wowie.

Karin said...

Congratulations Stiggy. The photo is fab.

Audrey said...

wwwwoooooooohhhhooooooooo - Go STIGGY!!!!